With age, a loss in libido is natural for both men and women. But unfortunately, women are more likely to be affected by a loss of sex drive as they start ageing. The number is also huge. Millions of women experience a low sex drive after reaching 50. A study that was conducted on 1023 women aged 54 and above found that almost three-fourth of the women suffered from low sex drive or libido. They were just not interested in sex, as they were before. So although their man might still be hot and steamy in bed, why did these women suffer from lack of interest in sex? Here are some probable reasons that can be inferred from the studies and researches done.

1. Menopause: A woman's body and her sexual drive experiences changes due to loss of estrogen and testosterone following menopause. Most women reach menopause between the ages 45 and 55 and along with it comes an array of health issues. Low levels of estrogen cause dryness in the vagina, making sex painful and not so enjoyable. A simple visit to a doctor or using a water-based lubricant can help solve the issue for many.

2. Body Image: Many women start feeling concerned about how they look or how their bodies have transformed, post 50. With age, you tend to get wrinkles or put on weight, but this makes many women conscious, especially when it comes to undressing in front of their partner. This consciousness about self-image naturally leads to a lower desire for sex. Here the partner has a significant role to play. He is the only person who can still make her feel sexy and attractive and make sex real fun for her in bed.

3. Health Issues: You can't blame your body for developing those creaks and cracks with age. So naturally, the excitement level goes down. But the good part is, with age, you and your partner, get to know each other better so sex can be more than just an adventurous ride right now. It can be sensual, arousing and more intimate than ever before.

4. Stress: As you age, the one thing that definitely ages with you, is stress. With teenage kids, ageing parents, finances and responsibilities, anxiety is but a natural syndrome. But the bad part it, stress affects your libido to a great extent. Also, stress leads to an increase in irritability which affects your relationship with your partner. So even if you are in the mood for it, but you both are still fuming over a big fight, you would definitely not want to jump into bed with him. Practising relaxing techniques, including meditation and yoga, helps fight stress in a big way.

5. Loneliness: At the age of 50 and beyond, many women go through a divorce or loss of a partner. So naturally, the sex drive goes down drastically. Very few at this age feel comfortable to look for a new partner or to get intimate with someone new. So eventually with little or no sex, your libido goes down drastically.

6. Mood Disorders: Menopause causes mood disorders, depression, and anxiety in many women. This can be a killer for sex and sexual desire both. An understanding and loving partner would go a long way in helping her combat these symptoms. If nothing works, then you can always visit your doctor for the right advice.