Masturbation might be the showstopper for most men out there, but could it also be the reason for discomfort? Some people treat this as a myth, while many others know otherwise. The fact of the matter is that erectile dysfunction and masturbation are not related to each other.

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Studies show that masturbation does not affect the quality of erections, and since masturbation is common in all age groups, it has its own set of advantages for men. Among the list of benefits, masturbation often helps manage stress, release tension, and even help a person sleep well.

What does research often say on this subject?

Broadly speaking, masturbation does not cause erectile dysfunction. Period.

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Depression, diabetes, overweight, heart disease, alcohol, and cigarette use are some of the common reasons which cause erectile dysfunction in men.

While age is an important factor to consider in cases of erectile dysfunction, it can’t be given all credit for this problem. Even younger men are often faced with this dilemma; as per a study conducted in 2013, as many as a quarter of men in the study had erectile dysfunction. The subjects were all below the age group of 40 years of age.

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Impact of masturbation and how it can cause erectile dysfunction

While masturbation can’t lead to erectile dysfunction directly, there are still some situations that should not be overlooked most of the time.

1) Porn overuse: Researchers believe that porn overuse can change the brain’s functioning drastically. Porn offers limitless, unreal sexual fantasies that are not possible in a normal healthy relationship. The amount of intense stimulation can take the normal levels to abnormal standards, which might not be fulfilled with your partner. This, in turn, can lead to erectile dysfunction.

2) Excessive masturbation: While masturbation can’t lead to erectile dysfunction, excessive masturbation tells a different story altogether. After a lot of masturbation, one might find it difficult to “get it up” during sex. You might face a lot of performance anxiety, and indulging in healthy sex might seem like a task.

Benefits of masturbation

1)   Fights depression: When it comes to fighting depression, there is nothing better than masturbating. An orgasm can release different hormones like serotonin (the happy hormone), endorphins (responsible for a sense of euphoria), oxytocin (the love hormone), and dopamine (the pleasure hormone), which can change your mood immediately. As a side effect, orgasms also release sexual tension, improve mood as well as enhance self-esteem.

2) Prevents prostate cancer: Scientific research has proven that masturbation helps reduce the chances of prostate cancer in men by 20%.

3) Enhance your sex life: Take your sex life up by a notch, as you release pent up energy inside your body. Couples can also do away with desire discrepancy – a familiar feeling which can put a lot of unwanted strain on couples in a relationship.

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