Erectile dysfunction( ED) is a medical issue that not only affects men but severely impacts the lives of women too. Women can have a hard time coping with ED repercussions. From feeling frustrated, unattractive, angry or even resentful, living with a third element in bed ( ED) is not easy. Even though it is a tough task to handle your partner’s ED, there are of course steps that can be taken to reduce the tension between you two.

Women might think that they are the reason behind their partner’s ED, or they are not sexy or attractive enough for their partner to get aroused and have sex with them. Take it easy; as probably you are not even the cause, rather you are far from it.

More often or not, ED comes into being because there has been some amount of damage to the arteries, the fibrous tissues, and the smooth muscles. The problem associated with ED is also related to blood vessels as they contribute to a majority of erection problems.

It is time to learn and educate yourself. I am sure internet is full of useful information that will enlighten you on the probable causes and treatment of ED. It is time to make the most out of it ( cat videos are not the only thing out there). This will help you find the right doctor and make both of your lives a tad easier.

ED just doesn’t take a physical toll on the men’s health; its mental reach is as gripping as physical. Men feel frustration, inadequacy, sadness, and anger when they are unable to fulfil their partner’s desire. It is advisable to have open communication with your partner and fight this demon, like a team. You both will come out stronger in the end.

We live in a society where men are asked to suck it up, be self-reliant, and not show emotions for fear of being considered weak. Hence, the reluctance to even discuss this as a medical concern with their partner. It is crucial to have mutual respect and create a safe space so that your partner feels no shame in discussing his issues with you as ED is an indicator of underlying health issues too. Sometimes, men who have diabetes could be unable to perform in bed. If diabetes is left untreated, this could prove to be fatal to your partner. Neuropathy and atherosclerosis could slowly seep into his life because the ED was not taken seriously or proper treatment was not given on time.

Communication is the key to any relationship. One cannot survive hard times without open communication, so one must not hide their feelings too. Don’t react negatively or give snide remarks to your partner, but also don’t shy away from communicating how you feel about this issue. Your well-being is important too.

Sex is deemed essential by some, but it is not the endgame. Find other sexual activity to engage in with your partner that is fun and brings you two close physically, spiritually and emotionally. The road ahead would not seem to be a tough one anymore.