Just like there are so many things that can give fire to your libido, there are many things that can douse the same as well. The common ones that we are generally acquainted with are fights, stress, depression, fear, anxiety, medications, alcohol, and even sex with ex! But ever thought that there could be things inside your house, that can turn out to be a big-time libido killer? As per recent research conducted on 955 older heterosexual couples, around 40% of men whose homes were messy or disorganized, said that they had a lesser interest in sex in the previous year!

As per relationship psychologists, messy homes can lead to feelings of depression and low self-esteem, which in itself is a libido killer, especially those areas of our house where we spend the most time with our partners like the bedroom or the living area. For those resorting to shortcuts, psychologists further believe that just pushing the mess out of sight doesn’t help either as it will always be at the back of our minds. So mister if of recent you have been kind of lazy and just been throwing things around, not organizing stuff and cleaning up the mess, if not already, it can eventually be the culprit behind those low sex pangs!

Here are a few probable places in the house, where a mess can take a toll on your mood and libido and here is what you can do about the same!


This is the first place that comes to our mind when we think of making love or sex. If your bedroom is unorganized with smelly undergarments lying all over, unmade bed with stuff just thrown on it, it naturally becomes a libido killer. Undone laundry, unpaid bills or even incomplete projects that you tend to see in your bedroom, will distract your mind away from sex or sexual feelings, making things tense and stressful! In simple words, if you can’t relax, you definitely can’t get busy. Remember, after all, lovemaking is a beautiful thing that requires the mind to be relaxed, focussed and free from all other thoughts. This is exactly what is not happening here.

Try and keep your bedroom free from clutter. Making the bed in the morning is one good habit of starting with. For those experiencing sleep problems, a clutter-free neat bedroom helps you sleep better as well, which makes you feel relaxed and fresh, which is again very important for your libido.

Living room:

As per neuroscientists from Princeton University, cluttered living space is precisely not the best for your sex life. It competes for attention, leading to an increase in distraction and stress. Since our living place is where we like spending time as a couple or family, speaking to each other, taking time out to understand each other better and connect, a cluttered living space acts pretty adversely to the same.

It would be a smart thing to keep a check on stuff that you don’t require like bills, pamphlets, magazines and keep disposing of them timely. Clothes, medicines, cosmetics are a big no-no for the living room. Keeping it clean, warm and neat, will help a couple spend more quality time there connecting, which helps to increase the overall intimacy as well.


Those sensuous showers or bubble baths will not be able to do any wonder to your sex life if your bathroom in itself is messy or dirty. Bathrooms are supposed to be one of the cleanest rooms in your home. Keeping them dirty, cluttered, smelly or with stains is a big-time libido spoiler. Even the basic routine of brushing our teeth, or taking a bath becomes stressful if we get distracted with the clutter in there. Also usually before a lovemaking session, many couples tend to go to the bathroom once, and a dirty or a messy one is a sure shot recipe for libido disaster!

Keep only the bath essentials in your bathroom and ensure it is, clean, hygienic and smelling fresh always.

Messy homes can kill your sex drive