I got a call from my parents that my teenage brother behaved very strangely with them last night. I called him immediately to understand what was wrong with him that he had such an ugly fight with our parents. But he wasn't receiving my calls that day. The next day I messaged him on WhatsApp that if he doesn't speak to me, then I will cancel my plan to buy him a new bike. Well, that was a good idea as I got his reply within a few minutes. Sharing the conversation I had with him because it also highlighted an important health issue that many young men face.

Me: Hey! Thanks for replying. Before we talk about your new bike, tell me why did you disrespect our parents?

Bro: I want to do Data Science. Parents are against the decision as the course fees are not affordable!

Me: That doesn't mean you cross your limits and make everyone anxious. You could have spoken in an assertive way, and things would have gone smoothly.

Bro; It's not that easy. I just couldn't take it. I felt aggression is the only way to get things done.

Me: No, dear, you're mistaken. I understand your age-problem. It's difficult to get control of things, but next time, this thing shouldn't repeat.

Bro: Okay, I will try.

Me: Good, now tell me what's your problem?

Bro: I told you na. I want to study further. Financial stress is the problem.

Me: Come on, don't make me a fool. Remember, I told you that my hair didn't start greying just like that. Who's the girl?

Bro: Bhai, how do you know?

Me: Tell me, I am listening.

Bro: She left me bhai. And I am not able to control myself. Don't find my life exciting anymore. Friends make fun of me.

Me: What are you doing to overcome the situation?

Bro: Exercise and meditation. Tried all that. But it's not making me feel good. I still love her and miss her touch.

Me: Before I tell you something, can you be honest enough to tell me if you guys had any physical relations?

Bro: Not really. But I am still very emotionally connected to her. I miss her hugs and kisses very badly. It's making me crazy.

Me: Is there no chance to win her back?

Bro: No, bhai, she has her reasons for not wanting the relationship anymore. I respect her and don't want to force myself on her.

Me: Hmm, search for another?

Bro: Yes, bhai, but it's not working. I feel no control and losing my confidence in love relations.

Me: Tried solo play?

Bro: What bhai? I didn't understand.

Me: Do you know masturbation can help reduce stress, relieve built-up sexual tension, and improve your quality of sleep?

Bro: Not tried yet. Can you explain more in detail?

Me: Google kar na. Now what you want me to spoonfeed you in this as well?

Bro: Google kiya bhai. Too many search results. Every website is saying some or the other thing. You say na in simple words. After all, Bro hi bro ke kaam aata hai.

Me: See, masturbation with your penis is a healthy act that can help you enjoy your self-pleasure without any guilt or shame.

Bro: As in?

Me: See, you need not adopt any aggressive masturbation methods to feel sexually satisfied, okay? All you need to know is what your penis likes and what it doesn't. Since you don't have a sexual partner right now, regular masturbation can help you get to know your own body better, improve your mood, keep your stress levels low, and improve your overall health. Masturbation is a safe and harmless personal care routine that can help you understand your wants and needs in a better way.

Bro: Good. Any side effects of masturbation?

Me: No side effects as such. But in case you become addicted to masturbation, ensure you engage yourself in activities like going for a walk, spending time with friends, watching your favorite sports, etc. to tackle the issue. As they say, an apple a day keeps a doctor away. Similarly, regular orgasm can keep you away from a lot of health issues such as preventing sexually transmitted infections, decreasing the risk of prostate cancer, reduce inflammation, and cut down the risk of developing major mental illnesses.

Bro: Thanks.

Me: Thanks, se kaam nahi chalega. Now I hope you will take matters in your hands.

Bro: Yes (winks)