Being sexually active is an intrinsic part of a healthy relationship, and you would want to have this wonderful experience with your partner.

Unfortunately, as men age, the challenge to have an active sex life becomes difficult. Studies have concluded that roughly 50 per cent of the male population experiences erection issues or develops erectile dysfunction by the time they reach 50. The body begins to show sign of wear and tear and slows as age approaches.

Hence, your sexual life may also become boring. But the sexual issues in a male’s life can begin at any age and should be dealt with accordingly. If left untreated, the sexual woes of your life can seep into the other part of your daily activities and may give you a lot of grief biologically as well as mentally.

It is important to have a competent doctor to guide you and navigate your sexual problems successfully, so you do not have any distinct problems in the bedroom and continue to enjoy exciting sex life.

Get tested for STIs and STDs – it will help your body:

Having an STD or STI is a difficult time in anyone’s life, and one should inform their sexual partner after getting diagnosed, and seek medical treatment immediately as living with diseases can be quite frustrating and draining for both of you. And you wouldn't want someone to have the same fate as you, quite a cruel turn of events it can be.

In case you have sex with your partner and did not know about the disease, this could very well be transmitted to him or her. So, be well informed about the medical centres in your area, and get tested at least once a year, or in six months. Keeping a track of your sexual history is beneficial too.

Don’t forget to eat healthy:

The diet you consume plays a huge role in determining the overall quality of your life, So, as long as you are not eating a lot of processed items, and have prepared a diet full of veggies and meals, you are good.

There is good news for men out there who are in their 50s and face erectile dysfunction – try avoiding sugar, sodium and junk and eat a healthy and balanced diet, and you are sure to gain your libido back and have erections much easier than before.

Don’t forget to load up on proteins. Get the required dosage by eating salmon, tuna and lean meats as prescribed by your nutritionist, and get your lost vigour back, and get back in the game with a new found energy.

Use condoms:

If you are serious about battling sexual disorders and conquering them eventually, it is important to wear protection when you get down to indulge in intercourse. This may be of importance when you are in the initial stage of the relationship, and absolutely necessary when you have multiple sexual partners.

Having sex using protection is a win-win situation for both the partners as no one would be worried about catching any sexual disease, can let go easily, and just enjoy the sex without any hang-ups.

Make daily exercise a habit:

You can say goodbye to a dull sex life by hitting the gym regularly, one of the ways to ensure a steamy hot session is to work out without fail. This will ensure you have great stamina and are not shy anymore about the body. It will pay hugely in bed with your partner.

If you want to have a healthy body and a healthy mind, just maintain an optimum balance of a good diet and a workout schedule. Once you begin to commit to both of them dutifully, you will not only benefit from this but may start looking forward to it every now and then.

A lot of men are interested in enhancing their sexual performance as well as that of their partner, which is not a bad thing to do. However, focusing solely on sexual performance and pleasure can be taxing and may lead to anxiety and performance pressure.

Lifestyle changes in a male’s life can ensure assured solutions to relieve anxiety, get rid of erectile dysfunction, improve the relationship with their sexual partner, and have the stamina of a bull. It is not difficult to enjoy sex stress-free if you are committed to a healthy lifestyle.

Such changes can make sex a pleasurable experience where both the parties involved have a good time. It should be noted that constant worry about sexual performance is a key factor that contributes to performance anxiety.


Having sexual desires is good for both partners. Sex is the elixir of life, and you would want to derive its great benefits. So, just follow the tips mentioned in this blog, and witness the change in your sex drive very soon.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

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