The stereotypical notion of “grumpy old man” could be traced back to a condition called an irritable male syndrome. Clinically, it can be termed as andropause or male menopause. Just similar to the female menopause, andropause is like a situation when the physical and emotional changes in a man are reliant on the hormonal levels or fluctuations.

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Irritable male syndrome influences your relationships significantly. To ascertain whether you even have an irritable male syndrome, and educate yourself on how to tame, it is essential to realize the warning signs and know the glaring symptoms.

Symptoms of Irritable Male Syndrome

Just like its name, the chief symptom of the irritable male syndrome is irritation. Depression and a dip in confidence can also be one of its side effects. Irritable male syndrome results in low energy levels, weak memory, and poor concentration with a lack of sleep. You also might experience a tough time losing weight even after hitting the gym regularly. Hormonal imbalance in a man could also mean loss of libido or erection issues.

All these symptoms interfere with your daily chores and the loving relationship with your partner. Mood swings in a man can negatively impact the relationship that once was thriving and stable. Lack of sleep may start hindering your daily activities and health. Over time, your mood and physical health will start bearing the brunt.

Fight 17 Signs of Male Ageing with Misters Daily Josh

Once you have recognized these symptoms, the next best way is to seek help from a competent doctor and also manage the lifestyle changes and get help from your partner in the form of reassurances.

Why does Irritable Male Syndrome happen?

Andropause is a condition that usually occurs because of the diminishing testosterone hormone. Testosterone is a hormone that exists naturally and is responsible for the health of male reproductive development. It also causes other defining masculine features like body muscle and facial. The level of testosterone tends to decrease in a man as they approach their 30s.

Fight 17 Signs of Male Ageing with Misters Daily Josh

Testosterone is synonymous with energy, confidence, fit body, and healthy sex drive – all of which is crucial to maintain a healthy and functional relationship. So, a low rate of testosterone will start to affect the relationship with your partner and how you guys interact daily.

How Can Irritable Male Syndrome be diagnosed?

Get your testosterone levels checked; it will be a good first approach to diagnosis. Usually, mood fluctuations are due to hormonal changes and the age factor. You can get it done as a regular health check-up – cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and other defining parameters that your doctor may advise you to get a test for. Don’t forget to request your doctor for a testosterone level check as lab technicians usually check what is ordered in the prescription.

The amount of testosterone in your blood will educate your doctor about your hormonal state and any possible mood changes. Your doctor will be able to guide you better after a physical test and the chat based on your condition.

Fight 17 Signs of Male Ageing with Misters Daily Josh

There are other hidden conditions as well that are not so apparent. For instance, diabetes can be a reason why you are not able to maintain or hold an erection. There is a nighttime disorder that involves breathing and is called sleep apnea; this robs you off any energy left and hinders your ability to focus.

If you are suffering from the irritable male syndrome, it is time to be open about it to your partner about its side effects, and tell them if you have erection issues. This will bring you guys together, eventually.

Seek consultation from a therapist; they might help you navigate these tough times together as a couple. Just be open about your condition and symptoms.

Treatment for Irritable Male Syndrome

If this condition is caused due to absent testosterone levels, the treatment that is out there is testosterone replacement therapy. Injecting you with synthetic hormone might give you the energy levels and other health benefits that are associated with this male reproductive hormone.

Fight 17 Signs of Male Ageing with Misters Daily Josh

Just like any other treatment, this therapy also comes with side effects. Some concerns are related to heart health, and other times you may feel very agitated or moody. If you experience weirdness after the therapy, tell your doctor about this. Often, the side effects can be easily managed.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP

Fight 17 Signs of Male Ageing with Misters Daily Josh

Misters, your constant grumpiness can be Irritable Male Syndrome