Who would have thought exercise and sex go hand in hand? Our New Year resolution – hitting the gym might be on the back burner, with the gym instructor waiting for your arrival with longing, now you would be happy to know ( we think?) that exercise boosts your libido and sexual performance in bed.

This article will list out some sexercises that are in vogue, to keep your sex life hot and steamy. Although they are men-centric, women can reap its benefits and give a boost to their sex life too.


If you like sweating it out in the gym, this should be your go-to exercise. It is quite a basic one for obvious reasons. However, if doing the basic training seems to be difficult, start doing the wall presses, essentially pushups against the wall – 3 sets of them, inclusive of 12-14 repetitions. Once you are ready to progress, start with the pushups on the floor by keeping your back in a straight position, butt squeezed in, stomach jutting out – and nose should be almost touching the ground. And when you have mastered this art, transition to hand-toe pushups.

Strength training

Strength training is your best friend when it comes to spicing up your sex life, you ask why? This particular set of training pushes testosterone activation in your body – an essential for the male libido. So, lift until fatigue hits you. Some researchers have also inked weight lifting and testosterone levels as a direct correlation. If you want a steady and active sex life, do not forget to do crunches, situps, and pushups. The muscle-building element of these exercises can improve your performance in bed by developing your shoulders, abs, and chests. A strong upper body can lead to wonders in the bed since that is where all the hard work is needed during coitus.

Ab workout

By improving your gut from the inside and outside, sex can be pleasurable. Abs are the core of your body, and a critical area to work on when it comes to sex as abdominal muscles are at work at the time of intercourse. Start your ab workout by pushing crunches in the mix. Lie down on the back muscles; support your neck with hands, bend the knees, and feet should be on the floor. Afterwards, bring forth your body upwards just enough to get the shoulders off the floor.

To add oomph to your ab display bridges are recommended for men and women. Lie down on your back, keep your knees in a bent position, feet remain on the floor, and start lifting your hips upwards and downwards for the set of 3, repeated 15 times. Males can also go for pelvic tilts.


Kegels is just meant to improve your self-confidence and moves in bed as this type of workout helps improve endurance and tones the pubococcygeus (PB) muscles known for the stoppage of the flow at the time of urination. The exercise, named after one physician, Arnold Kegel, gives strength to the pelvic muscles and ultimately leads to mind-blowing sex. Ejaculation can be successfully delayed if men contract these muscles just before they are about to reach a climax. It is advisable to start getting familiar with kegel exercise by holding the PB muscles when you pass urine. Post that, start small amounts of kegel workout at any time and anywhere, wherever you deem comfortable – just by squeezing those muscles. Hold, control, and let go for about ten seconds and do as many as you want until you get tired.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP