Bites or biting for sexual arousal can be complex. So much that it may make your partner leave gasping and uncomfortable around you. On the contrary, some people like the act so much that it plays a vital role in their sexual arousal essentially. For those who do and see it as fetish, odaxelagina is the name for it!

It is a mouthful of a word but keeping it aside and coming to the actual act; this fetish can sometimes be perceived as not normal and even associated with vampires, sadism, masochism. Dr. Alfred Kinsey who has studied the subject found that almost better half of people experience sexual arousal from biting. The level of arousal can differ from person to person.

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Why are bites a turn on?

While hickeys may seem childish to some and might turn people off given the fact that it involves pain, there is a very thin line between pleasure and pain. Both of these brings more intimacy among partners as it helps them build a stronger connection at that moment when experiencing pleasure and pain together. Your body releases endorphins due to the sensation of biting and drives blood even to the genital area.

This information might have landed as a surprise on you since the actual science involved in biting relates to sexual arousal and pleasure. We ask you to still hold on for information that we want to share before you excite your horses more. You must ask someone if they would be comfortable if you bite out of pleasure and should know the art of biting if you don’t want to leave your partner with nasty bite marks, torn skins, and unbearable pain. So, before you move on to bite your partner as you would bite on a roasted chicken leg piece, read below.

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Misters, this is how you should bite!

  • Biting for Better

Avoid biting sudden on your partner sharply at one go because it has to be sensual. You must test how your partner would react to your sensual bites. You can begin arousing her by nibbling softly around her neck, earlobes then moving on to the chest and inner thighs to gradually move up the ladder. As your foreplay gets you both high, slowly increase the intensity of your bite by giving her some sweet kisses in between at the spot. Always remember to notice how your partner reacts by closely watching her facial expressions and body reactions. If you find that they have gone from the state of pleasure to the world of pain and flinching, it’s time that you give it a break.

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  • Biting Smartly

Apart from the pain, people who often resent to biting, usually have a problem with marks that are formed post biting. It is embarrassing when visible, and it gets hard to explain why out of the blue, they are adding scarfs and turtle necks. There are chances that your partner has similar feelings; then you must bite strategically. The neckline is not the only place to mark your sensual hickeys, chest, upper arms, thighs, and back are also few great sensual places to bite as they won’t be seen easily outside of the bedroom.

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  • Know what your bite means

If you have read kama sutra, you would have come across the chapter on BITING. They have described eight types of bites ranging in terms of intensity and strength. If you bite using a couple of teeth, it is called a point, whereas if you do that using all your teeth, it is termed as a line of jewels. It all depends on how much of a pain your partner can tolerate, and the level of passion invoked mid-coitus. There can be times when small bites with smooches could do the game. And there are times when you want to be wild and ferocious. But knowing when to do what is important!

If you like to be bitten or you love biting, it can be difficult initially to figure out if your partner fetish the same. Don’t get disappointed over your inherited vampiric skills yet because you can figure it out and drive her to this sensual journey.

Read below to know how you can still drive her sensually without actually biting:
  • You got to bite differently!

It sounds like a task, but it is not what you think. Although you can try different ways to bite on your partner. If your partner isn’t keen on getting a bite mark, then try resorting to a ball gag or by biting on a pillow. In this way, you do get the pleasure by releasing the tension from your jaw, and your partner is also happy as she doesn’t get to have any marks.

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  • Did you try biting the bite?

Did you try other ways to resort to your sexual tension, which is building up? If your partner isn’t happy to get bites, try your ideas like pulling her hair, spanking, and even pinning her down. These can have a similar effect helping you to get aroused. You never know, it could even replace your chomping ritual.

Biting or being bitten is a common fetish than you think. Do not feel odd because you have a fetish like that for arousal, just ensure to talk to your partner about their comfort zone before you directly hit up. If you don’t like biting or being bitten, ensure that you share it openly with your partner. After all, sex is something that needs both of you to be comfortable and confident to try various things to pleasure each other.

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