All our lives, we have been pressed hard to improve our intelligent quotient (IQ), take quizzes to determine our fate at life, and do exercises to shine it bright. Thankfully, emotional quotient ( EQ) is getting its fair due now, along with adequate awareness about mental health and its importance in the stressful times. Because a healthy mind equals a healthy body, isn’t it how it goes, folks?

Emotional intelligence is known to better both your career goals and personal development, but it begins within you. From managing your emotions in hard times to showing empathy, understanding, and exuding confidence when needed, emotions can accelerate or derail your life at any point.

No matter if you are a lone wolf, or managing a business empire, realizing if you control your emotions, or if they control you – is a great way to make a head start to a successful life. Sadly, EQ is not what we are taught in schools, so what is it exactly, how do you measure it, and is that important that it is made out to be?

Emotional intelligence is what I consider, a supreme power that tells you a whole lot about your emotions, how they impact you, what they say about your inner self, and how they affect your peers or family around you. Individuals who possess this good art of emotional intelligence can recognize and control their emotions, along with the emotions of others, and adjust accordingly. EQ is similar to the interpersonal effectiveness of yours; the more effective you happen to be with the people around you, the better you are at success in life.

If you are interested in raising the emotional quotient bar of your life, there are pillars and parameters available that can help you.

Self-awareness is the core part of any emotional intelligence exercise. If one can understand how they feel throughout the day, it is an indicator that shows them who they are that day –a precursor to making important life decisions to build on that particular day. A raised emotional intelligence defines who you are and your success metric in life. Another way to increase emotional intelligence is by focusing on the present you and your mental language at the moment. It is prudent to put your thoughts, beliefs, and randomness that occur in the brain on a piece of paper. This will tell who you are, helping you put the puzzle pieces together, saying what you want, and if that is good for you, and how to achieve the goodness and richness of life. Be fluent in your emotional vocabulary, communicate well through it, and navigate through the spectrum of your colorful emotions.

If you know how to communicate via emotions, you can easily healthily manage them. Do not shy away from the beauty of silence and meditation. It is therapeutic to be in sync with your inner self and see the life unfold in front of you and transform your perspective towards it.

Empathy is a crucial tool in the world of emotional intelligence. If you can exercise compassion in your life, this brings you closer to your friends and family, have the support whenever you are in need, and simmer down highly stressful situations in your professional and personal life. Empathy is an emotion that makes you compassionate to others. With its presence, you can understand and see where others are coming from and earn their respect. Be mindful of your words and emotions and pay heed to what signals they are giving, you will be able to become an empathetic person if you can understand the feelings of others.