Pandas have the whole cute thing going, and for good reason too. They are big, seem mostly harmless, and given a long enough journey can be very, very good at Kung Fu

Despite their all-round likability some people must surely have been on the fence with a question such as, say, ‘all that is all right but do they sing for sex?’ Evidence that would convince this constituency has now emerged.

A two year study revealed the panda’s deployment of songs for sex, and the many facets of this fine art.

Eavesdropping scientists recorded the pandas singing in the buildup for sex and analysed these in the lab before concluding, in a way only scientists can, that the recordings are, “crucial for achieving behavioral synchrony and signaling intention to mate.”

Basically the cuddly giants have many formats of singing. There’s bleating and roaring and barking and, obviously, moaning.

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