To expect sex to feel exactly the same post-pregnancy as it felt before is a myth. It changes in a way different for every couple. Some feel they are now more connected and feel a deeper passion during sex, while others feel they need more time to even think of sex!

So between changing diaper and getting your partner wet, here are eight things that every new dad needs to know.

1.     She would be dry: Giving birth is a hell of a task and her hormones have not taken a break yet. This leads to a dry vagina, cutting down both on her sensation and eagerness to enjoy sex. This could not only be worrying for her but also makes things pretty painful. So the best thing is to get involved in a lot of foreplay. Touch, kiss, explore, till she is completely ready and tuned it. It would be hurting: Your partner’s body has gone through a massive change and it would be hurting till quite sometime after giving birth. So it would be best to relax things up, take all your time and indulge only in, when you both are ready for it.

2.     Time Constraint: Where it’s difficult to catch up on a nap, having sex becomes a far flung thought. Many parents just don’t know when to do it! The best thing is to chart out your baby’s sleeping patterns so that you get at least one tension-free hour to indulge and enjoy!

3.     Breasts: Face it, now her breasts are not yours only! Many women lose sexual sensitivity over their breasts post-pregnancy and it’s quite normal. Speak to her about it and try out other interesting parts of her body if she is not quite comfortable with you stimulating her breasts sexually for the time being.

4.     Body Conscious: Every woman’s body goes through major physiological changes post-birth. This might have a major setback on her confidence when it comes to having sex again. You need to take control of things here and make her feel and realize that she is as attractive even now, as she was ever before if not more!

5.     Fertility plays foul: Yes, pregnancy and change in hormones put the fertility calendar haywire for most women. So forget about those safe and unsafe dates and instead focus on proper protection methods, unless you want to become a dad pretty soon again!

6.     Orgasm Changes: Along with changes in the body, your partner’s orgasm pattern might also change. She might now take more time or it could be faster. Also, newer things might lead to an orgasm while tried and tested methods might fail. The solution is to be attentive and creative, both!

7.     Sex Positions: Many time birthing can shift the position of the cervix as well, making the usual sex positions not so comfortable or enjoyable anymore. Feel free to experiment with newer positions for not only comfort but also to add some spark back into your sex life after the long break!

In short, although sex feels different post-birth, just being a little caring and understanding can definitely make the experience great, for both of you!