Erectile dysfunction measures equally high on the list of most dreaded diseases. It not only brings extreme emotional distress with it but also causes a lot of physical damage to your willie. While Viagra and Tadalafil were ruling the market, being the only two medications for curing erectile dysfunction, there is a new competitor which is going to enter the market soon.

A biotechnology company, specializing in the domain of cancer, inflammatory and liver diseases, has filed a patent request in Canada, Israel and South Korea, for launching its product “Can-Fite”. Can – Fite or CF602 (as it is known in the medical, patent world). Once launched fully,it will be able to treat erectile dysfunction effectively.

A brief about the parent company, Can-Fite BioPharma Ltd.

Can-Fite BioPharma Ltd., an Israeli biopharmaceutical company, is an advanced stage drug development company, which specializes in producing drugs used for treating cancer, sexual dysfunction and inflammatory diseases. The company’s production design has the capacity to target multi-billion-dollar markets while providing treatment options for dangerous diseases.

While the company has already been able to generate enough income from its existing countries, Can-Fite BioPharma Ltd. has subsequently also managed to get patents in U.S., China, Japan, Australia, and Hong Kong over the past few years.

About CF602

CF602 has emerged as a successful medication and treatment option for erectile dysfunction in men suffering from diabetes mellitus. Along with CF602, the global giant is also currently exploring and developing A3AR, which will work with CF602 to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Both the drugs have been said to offer safe, satisfying experience in more than 1000 patients till date, who have used the product in clinical-based researches.

As per preclinical studies conducted, CF602 has been found to be an appropriate alternative for treating erectile dysfunction in people who have diabetes. The drug has also emerged as a potent and more resourceful drug, when compared with Viagra and Tadalafil, especially with regards to maintaining an erection for more extended periods.

As the company begins to invest in its products, the market for this drug is on a continuous increase. Grand View Research Inc. has even mentioned that CF602 will be able to capture the erectile dysfunction market effectively by 2022, thereby generating revenues up to USD 3.2 billion.As this steady growth of the drug continues to target the source market, there are high chances of being able to tap the worldwide market for erectile dysfunction, while giving stiff competition to the already existing drugs like Viagra and Tadalafil.

The market is growing, and so is the problem in men between the age groups of 25-45. If the drug proves to be successful, very soon there would be a healthy level of cure for erectile dysfunction. If all goes well, men would no longer need to suffer the wrath of society, especially for not being able to “keeping it up” in the bedroom — definitely an ideal situation for the world and it’s problems.