Ever heard of the saying' boom goes the dynamite'? Well, it turns out that nitroglycerin - which is used to make the 'boom' in dynamite, could be used to treat erectile dysfunction(ED). Yes, that may sound odd, but science has proven it correct!

Experiencing any sort of obstacle in the bedroom can be challenging to overcome, although not impossible. Erectile dysfunction(ED) is when a male cannot get or maintain an erection. The reason could either be physical or psychological, depending on the individual. Psychological ED is a mental game that plays on the minds of males affecting their sexual performance. Consulting with a therapist or a professional is something that should be sought out if one faces any psychological pressure with ED.

If your doctor rules out any signs of psychological ED - stress, anxiety, expectations, shame, naivety, etc., that's when Physical ED comes into picture.

Let's get a better understanding of the physical science behind how erections work. Males produce nitric oxide (NO) when stimulated, opening up the blood vessels and allowing blood to flow smoothly to the penile regions, resulting in an erection. So using this connection, you can see how, without the secretion of NO, ED could be a possibility.

Usually, individuals with heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure are ones that could experience ED. Doctors do prescribe medications to treat these all too common medical concerns, but we're here to tell you that what you may be consuming could very well be the thing that makes dynamite, well, dynamite.

Dynamite is an explosive that is used by the demolition, construction industries and is made using a couple of ingredients, one of which is nitroglycerin. To skip a second science lesson, nitroglycerin is basically a liquid that's a bit oily and explosive. With the advancement in science, the fluid once put only under the category of explosives has now moved to the medical reproductive world.

Nitroglycerin, now, is a type of medication used to treat people with heart or chest conditions. Once a person consumes nitroglycerin, the body acts on it and breaks it down into nitric oxide, which we all know helps improve blood flow through the blood vessels to not only the heart but the penile muscles as well.

Men who have heart conditions are usually prescribed medications that contain nitric oxide or nitroglycerin, and no, you won't explode if you consume it. It results in the expansion of your arteries and blood vessels to ensure healthier blood flow.

What if you do not have any sort of heart condition? Well, before you run down to the store to grab yourself a couple of nitroglycerin containing pills, it's essential to keep in mind that self-diagnosis is extremely dangerous- side effects and all. Seek consultation with a certified doctor before consuming any medication to treat your ED. That could make you the dynamite in the bedroom.