Getting into a relationship - be it for sexual reasons or a loyal commitment - there comes a time where things may look to be very mundane. Sometimes, sparks fly momentarily, and then the moment passes, and then you ask yourself, 'now what?'

To make things clearer, when you're with your partner for a while, you go from a fun-filled sexual life to a more calm, familiar and routine one. Now before you get to ridiculous assumptions, not all relationships go through this patch in life, but for the ones that do, this article could come in handy.

Add zing to your sex life

Looking to spice up your sex life with your partner? Well, if you aren't the adventurous type - scrolling through online stores for sex toys and what not's - you could use something that you spend most of your time on anyway. Yes, your phone, it may take up most of your attention, so how about putting it to some good use? The power of sexting can work wonders for you as well as your partner.

But what is sexting really? Is it being direct with your partner? Or just teasing/hinting at the idea of sex? In simple terms, it's a conversation that involves suggestive images, videos or texts. But keep in mind this is not a one-sided game; it should be mutual and definitely welcoming. No one should feel pressurized to respond to 'sext.'

Sweet pleasantries taking into account beauty are not the subject of 'sexts'. Instead, it involves an outward approach to get the gears flowing. The exchange of steamier sexts aids in increasing anticipation, lowering expectations and growing excitement.

Sexting does take into account the level of comfort and consideration with timing between two individuals, focus on whichever comes first. You can't just drop a text when your libido seems to be acting up, that would ruin the budding of what could have been an erotic conversation - if that's the goal, that is.

Once the level of comfort becomes pleasant and welcoming, sexting moves on to the exchange of pictures and videos - quite a common occurrence.

Another thing that should definitely run through your mind is the fact that sexting isn't about sounding vulgar and getting straight to it; it's more of a tease. The more you tease, the better the suspense- and we all love a good suspense. Respect is vital when it comes to sex, and the same applies to its most frequent precursor.

Sexting has revolutionized the way relationships work - from people in long-distance relationships to ones close by, it strengthens the bond, takes it to the next level, and most of all can reignite sparks that you may have noticed dying down. All in all, if sexting is something you're trying out, try to be yourself, don't be afraid of making mistakes and have a go at it, it's a learning curve but something worth giving a shot.