Having dysfunctional concerns such as premature ejaculation is anything but fun. Men, of all ages, go through this medical menace, and it definitely takes a toll both physically and psychologically.

Studies have proven that around 20-30% of men experience PE. This is a huge number. So guys listen up, you are not alone! Premature ejaculation (PE) is a condition that deals with the early release of semen due to some stimulation around the penis.

PE experiences are different for every individual as it varies in terms of stimulation. Some penile regions are sensitive to just the touch while others are sensitive to penetration, and so on.

It's a terrible 'bedroom' episode if males finish soon, making the entire experience come to an abrupt halt. This affects males in a psychophysiological manner, or in layman terms, hits men physically and mentally.

The perfect date, a great partner to spend the night with, a chance to maybe 'seal the deal', but just when you're about to get into action, your body says 'no'. It's not pleasing in any way, and although your partner might try to console you, it's still a burden to carry even on strong shoulders.

Male species are wired to please and get pleased when performing in the act of love, and once that is taken away, it affects their psyche. This, unfortunately, causes a lot of distress, anxiety, doubtfulness, to name a few. What people might not notice is that it could be just as distressful for the partner as well.

Now, science tells us that with the effects of stress and various other mental distresses, the body tends to act different, biologically. Mental stress might be hindering males' performance in the bedroom, but how could one overcome this stressful scenario?

It's essential to keep in mind that PE is a common problem and is definitely treatable. A few remedies that have proved to be beneficial are:

Start- stop technique

Believe it or not, but the 'start-stop' technique is an exercise worth giving a shot. Training your brain mentally to not climax by stopping and then gradually picking up the pace will instill a sense of mental stamina. Apart from picking up the 'technique', removing any expectations or ideas that have developed can definitely boost your sexual confidence.

Kegel exercise

Pelvic exercises like Kegels could improve penile muscle strength, in turn giving you some control over your PE.

Include superfoods in your diet

If you've experienced PE a couple of times and are getting fed up with your sex life, hold it right there! Try adding spinach, kidney beans, garlic, yoghurt, and some dark chocolate into your diet. These superfoods contain zinc and magnesium, which help prolong the time of your climax.

If none of these remedies satisfy your needs, speaking to a professional can help rule out any underlying conditions. The doc may even prescribe certain medications to help assist you so that you may 'go' when you want to.