We tend to suffer mental stress upon realising any sexual problem with ourselves. It may be anything that prevents the man or the couple from experiencing satisfaction during sex. The issue can be involving any phase of the sexual response cycle. The cycle has four phases: excitement, plateau, orgasm and resolution and concerns with anyone of them qualify for adequate attention.

You need not panic or isolate into a cocoon, as sexual dysfunction, particularly ED (Erectile Dysfunction) is common in 43% of men. Without hesitation of any sorts, you need to approach a physician. Share your concern with your partner and your doctor and relax, as most of the issues related to erection are treatable.

What constitutes erectile dysfunction?

ED primarily refers to having erection trouble from time to time. This inability to keep an erection firm enough to perform sex is also called impotence in general terms. However, any occasional erection related issues will not amount to ED. Only when it is ongoing that you need to consult a doctor or else it will lead to undue stress and relationship issues.

Leave behind the embarrassment and talk to a doctor, as it may only be a sign of an underlying health condition.

Symptoms of ED

Erection related issues that are signs of erectile dysfunction:

  • Trouble in keeping an erection
  • Difficulty in getting an erection
  • Minimal sexual desire.

How Is Erectile Dysfunction Treated?

PDE5 inhibitors are the most prescribed drugs for ED, with Viagra as the lead. Apart from Viagra, several other options are available, and all perform the same function when consumed. These PDE5 drugs increase the blood flow to the penis. The nitric oxide in these drugs activates the enzymes in our body that are primarily responsible for the erection of the penis.

Yes, it does solve problems. However, it does not come without side effects.

PDE5 inhibitors’ side effects

Headache remains the most common side effect of PDE5. It just cannot be considered a minor health concern when it occurs regularly. Other side effects of these drugs are:

  • All of a sudden, your upper body and face may get a feeling of heat, and you may start sweating too.
  • It may affect your vision, including blurred vision or visual disturbance. Many will find a blue tinge to the vision.
  • Sudden stomach upset in spite of no or little carelessness in the diet. Other may face acidity related issues.
  • Back pain or muscle pain that recedes fast but occurs repeatedly.
  • Blocked nose repeatedly.

While most of the above-listed side effects of PDE5 will disappear over time and will cause only moderate problems, there are a few other symptoms that will require immediate medical help. Those uncommon ones are:

  • An allergic reaction with no past medical history.
  • Chest pain, especially during intercourse is a red flag.
  • Prolonged erections that arenembarrassing and painful.
  • Sudden decrease or loss of vision.
  • Seizures or fits.

The key here to treat ED is to make lifestyle and dietary changes and consume PDE5 drugs as per the doctor’s advice.