We are getting more aware of our sexual problems these days, and it is undoubtedly a welcome sign from all aspects. While many of these health-related issues can be considered normal as age and lifestyle being one of the factors, yet in certain instances, they may demand immediate attention. Thankfully in both the scenarios, the different schools of medicine have effective treatments and gaining more popularity in this spectrum.

Sexual dysfunction for men includes a variety of problems like low libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction (ED) and other issues. No matter how common these issues may be amongst men, we find it difficult to talk about it or discuss with our physician. We wait for months and years before we start giving it attention. A holistic approach is always helpful and result oriented. Medical treatments, supplements, diet and the right lifestyle, works wonders.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

You do not need a degree in medicine to prescribe a drug to deal with this erection related issues. Viagra, or any other PDE5 inhibitor is the answer, and almost the whole world knows it. Interestingly it was developed in 1989 for treating high blood pressure and angina. It was in the early 1990s, Viagra’s benefits in ED were known, and since then it got rebranded as a drug for erectile dysfunction. Having said that, consuming any drug with prescription is never advisable.

PDE5 inhibitors often have harmful side effects. Try something natural to manage ED, instead.

How do ED drugs work?

When men start facing difficulty in achieving and maintaining an erection, the primary cause is the underlying vascular issues. The ED drugs resolve those issues and restore blood flow to the penis, thereby ensuring erection. These drugs belong to a class of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors (Phosphodiesterase type 5). The drug increases nitric oxide in the body, which works with other substances to increase the blood flow and open the blood vessels to the sexual organ.

Did it all sound too complicated? Wait, with all this understanding; we come to your query.

PDE5 inhibitors and alcohol consumption

Will PDE5 inhibitors work well with alcohol?  Alcohol plays a part in sexual activity sometimes; however, clarity is required to understand its combination with PDE5 drug intake. PDE5 cause an increase in blood flow to the penis, and on the other hand, alcohol lowers the blood pressure.

Therefore, as a rule, avoid consuming large amounts of alcohol. The sudden decrease in blood pressure can be troublesome. Its effects may vary from individual to individual, with symptoms like fast heart rate, dizziness or headache. It is what you will dislike happening in a party or office gathering. It is suggested:

  1. When using PDE5 regularly, avoiding or limiting alcohol is advisable.
  2. Be cautious while getting up from a sitting position.
  3. Several PDE5 manufacturers recommend anywhere between 3-5 drinks as safe. However, for patient-specific recommendations, only your physician can guide you here.

Erectile dysfunction today affects nearly 52% of the men over a lifetime. Instead of adopting a casual approach or considering a stigma, seek treatment and follow the doctor’s advice regarding alcohol consumption.