In our society, we may find it hard to talk about sex or discuss related issues. A sensitive and awkward topic that it is, it quite often gives us a feeling of embarrassment or inadequacy. However, look around, and you will find sex objects everywhere, the movies, fashion, music, television or the print media directly or indirectly portray it in various forms. It gives the impression that we all are open and relaxed with it, but the reality is what we all know.

Lack of sex-related awareness and education can be considered a culprit. However, our ancient and revered sages and scriptures propagated the right view about it. The Ayurveda medicinal system of India lays due importance to it and offers plenty of remedies for issues related to sex.

In Ayurveda, Shukra means bright and pure. It is commonly used to describe male semen and female eggs. Rightly so, as these two constitute the essence of dosha and tattva which manifests into the human body. Shukra nourishes male and female reproductive tissues.

When even the world has accepted the effectiveness of Ayurveda in rejuvenating our sex life, let us explore and learn about foods that can enhance Shukra and solve a few of our health issues as an outcome.


Very few of us will not crave for this fantastic fruit. However, little did we know that it’s an aphrodisiac tonic too? Researchers have proven that it is a reproductive tonic and found it to increase sperm quality. A ripe mango will be golden in colour and is a good source of vitamin A. Now you very well know that the benefits of mangoes go beyond its sweet taste.


We were always aware of its nutritive value; however, few of us know about its role in increasing potency and promoting semen. Almonds are rich in zinc, and vitamin E, both of which are vital nutrients for spermatogenesis. Furthermore, you can use it in a variety of recipes like desert, shakes, and puddings.


A staple diet for many across the world, Ayurveda advocates its benefits to increase sex power. Beneficial for semen production, red rice is one form that is the best for it. Red rice has an antioxidant called anthocyanins that enhances Shukra. Basmati rice is another type of rice with similar benefits.

Ghee or clarified butter

Our elders always talked about its benefits. Not only does it improve memory, complexion, intelligence and personal beauty, it also deals with your Shukra related issues. Ghee finds extensive use in most of the households. One can use it in a variety of cooking recipes. The calorie-conscious ones should not omit it entirely from their diets, instead, use it in a moderate amount, and it can do wonders.

Urad dal or black gram

A popular food in and around the Indian sub-continent, it is heavy when it comes to digestion and yet has a great taste. It strengthens the body and is also considered an ideal Shukra food. Include it in your diet regularly, and you shall start experiencing its effectiveness.