It is the peak of sexual pleasure. Also, referred to as climaxing; however, we still do not know much about orgasm. How will we? When discussing sex life is considered a taboo. In many conservative societies, some women never experienced an orgasm in their entire life. The irony is that in such communities, both the partners are okay about it. The men do not bother, and the women are not aware of. Off late much has changed, and the theories related to orgasm have shifted drastically.

What is an orgasm?

There exists no uniformity in regards to what orgasm really means, and hence one can define it in different ways using different criteria. While psychologists and mental health professionals refer to emotional and cognitive changes, medical professionals discuss physiological changes to the body to define it. A singular definition here does not exist.

Let us get a quick check on a few fast facts on orgasm:

  • It has multiple health benefits as hormones, and the body releases other chemicals during orgasm.
  • It may not only occur during sexual stimulation.
  • People of all genders and ages may suffer from orgasm disorder.
  • Nearly one out of three men suffer from premature ejaculation.
  • Orgasm is a different concept for medical professionals and mental health professionals.

The story behind world orgasm day

We men enjoy it more frequently and quickly in comparison to women. However, for both the genders, it is a high point, no matter when was it the last that you experienced it. Will you believe that in 2007, a Brazilian councilman Arimateio Dantas made it illegal for men to finish the activity without helping their partners reach climax too. Repaying of sexual debt will you say?