Sex, the three-letter word has infinite power in it. Being the lifeline for almost every man on the planet, it holds immense power within itself. Sex, as a feeling, can invoke a kaleidoscope of thoughts and emotions, leading to an overpowering need to consummate any relationship.

So, the question is, what is sex? On one side, it is just a hormone-driven bodily function, while on the other, it is an activity which helps shape your sexuality and life’s experiences. The release of hormones can lead to a varied set of experiences, which can greatly be enhanced when you find the right partner.

But what happens when you and your partner are beginning to lose the sexual magic, which used to drive your relationship in and off bed? You need to rekindle the spark, and let your body take care of the rest. By following a few simple steps, you can restart your sexual relationship and take it to all new levels.

Are you ready to jump on the sex bandwagon? If so, here are some tips which can help you improve your sex life and thereby, help you reap maximum benefits from your intimate experience.

1)     Role play: When the day to day activities get boring, you need to experiment and do something different in your relationship. Role play can often add that extra level of spice in your relationship. By enacting your sexual fantasies, you and your partner can do what you would not have normally dreamed of. Talk to your partner and try to do role play by enacting situations which might excite you and bring you in the mood. This way, there is always a surprise element to look forward to, especially while having sex.

2)     Use sex toys: Sex toys might be a taboo for some couples, but modern age couples are beginning to use them extensively to bring that “oomph” factor into their sex lives. If you are still new to the idea of sex toys and are gearing up to introduce them in your bedroom, then talking it out with your partner and making her comfortable with the idea first would be highly recommended.

3)     Work on the foreplay: Trying to understand her needs in the bedroom is very important. Work on your foreplay activities and see if that proves to be the key to upping your game in the bedroom. Foreplay can add a level of comfort, while putting your partner and making her go that extra mile while having sex.

4)     Talk, till it works out: Last but not the least, you can talk about your “sex” woes with your partner. If certain things are not working out for you, maybe talking about your woes can help you sort out the issues in the bedroom. Maybe, your partner is not being able to meet her sexual needs, which is dampening your romance in the bedroom. Once the flow of conversation is up and about, you can frankly talk to your partner about your desires and work on an alternative to sort out the issues.

Sex is as important as any other emotional and physical feeling. However, given the stress levels these days, sex troubles are taking precedence over all other feelings, making it an issue worth fighting for. What approach will you take today, to make your sex life better?