Arriving too early is not a problem, but coming too early is. Pardon my awful attempt at phrasing an innuendo there.

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a sore subject for the male population that lives on the ideals of toxic masculinity. However, if you forego the incessant oppressive conditioning, you’ll see that PE is just like any other medical condition which can be treated with the right medication and treatment.

Ejaculation is the process in which semen is released from the body. Whereas, premature ejaculation refers to the process when a man ejaculates too quickly, losing control over his climax during sex.

PE can be a frustrating condition which can have a severe impact on a person’s confidence in the bedroom. It is one of the most common male sexual disorder which can be found in a sizeable percentage of the male population as per the Indian Journal of Urology.

The first step towards finding a solution to the problem is identifying the problem itself. You need to be aware of PE and understand the logistics of its diagnosis. Irregular behaviour and pattern of ejaculation during sexual intercourse could be a tell-tale sign of a problem that you might be overlooking. If you observe too many unclimactic sexual encounters with your partner, then it is time to fix an appointment with your general physician.

If you’re someone who faints at the sight of a needle, then calm down because the diagnosis of PE does not involve any highly intrusive procedures. Your health care provider will give you a physical exam and have an in-depth conversation regarding your sexual history to understand the extent of the disorder. There is a possibility of a minor lab test if your doctor comes across anything suspicious during a physical exam.

Some of the questions that can be asked by your physician during the in-depth conversation are:

1.     How often do you experience PE during sexual intercourse?

2.     When was the first time you experienced this problem?

3.     Have you experienced PE with multiple partners or just one?

4.     How often do you masturbate?

5.     How are your relationships and what is the impact of PE in your sexual activities?

When diagnosed in time PE, like any other disorder, can be completely cured with active medication, therapy and treatment. The only person holding the reins of your climax should be you or your partner. Don’t let PE ruin your sexual escapades. So, go save nine with a stitch in time.


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