Sex itself was a subject of taboo, but people are gradually opening up to be vocal about their issues and thoughts over the topic. The cultural or religious background of the person impacts largely on how they perceive sex and topics revolving around it.

Not long ago, female genital mutilation was topping the chart of bizarre taboos; however, this particular article is about penis exfoliation. It has been discussed from different perspectives on popular online forums. Like vaginal exfoliation was supported through various ridiculous claims, even the penis exfoliation reasons may sound the same for many.

A few of the forums which have been discussing this topic claim that since penises aren’t self-cleaning, they need to be polished regularly to maintain its radiance. Exfoliating is the cure for problems like uneven tone, lack of pleasure, and maintaining hygiene. Please note that there are no academic proofs or studies to back these claims but to keep your member clean as well as flexible, doctors recommend to wash and moisturize it regularly.

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Some men are outspoken as they see having a smooth penis as a matter of pride and have revealed how they exfoliate their penises. They recommend oil application and even dietary intervention overusing scrubs or loofahs. There are nutrient creams available online for soothing dry, red, cracked or peeling penile skin. Some of the creams also claim to increase penile sensitivity in return and help men recover from the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

A surprisingly large number of men came together to discuss the topic where some claim that the process makes the penis more attractive for your partner. The other thread on the internet says it improves the quality and duration of sexual pleasure. It might make your partner more adventurous in the bedroom and inspire them to spend more time fondling, stroking and tickling your little member.

Every inch of your body deserves the cleaning and grooming attention, but some men have taken it further ahead to shave regularly, scrub, sand, oil below the belt area to keep it as smooth as possible. They see it as a worthy effort as you would do for your face or hands.

Now let’s see what some experts and dermatologists have to say about this. Some dermatologists say that the penis has thinner and more sensitive skin; hence, they tend to get microtears during the self-care of exfoliation. They say that sensitization primarily happens in the brain rather than sanding down the dick. It can just elevate any underlying problems.

Experts say that it is necessary to explore the root cause of peeling or cracked skin to find out what’s causing the behaviour to follow the correct medical procedure. Trying different methods to exfoliate yourself is not going to counter the root of the problem.

While there are many products or self-claimed methods available on the internet to help you halt the penile skin-related issues, so many of them don’t have any credible medical evidence to support their claim. Exfoliating may pose your dick as prettier, but there are risks that you should never ignore in the pursuit of your self-love and care.

If you are facing any skin related trouble, you must consult an expert for proper treatment but as experts suggest you should regularly wash, shave, and moisturize the area to keep your penis clean. Healthy skin and the hygiene along will make sex more pleasurable experience for your partner, thereby more enjoyable for you too.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP