Who doesn’t want to stay fit and healthy? But when it comes to eating healthy, many a time we are not aware of the wonderful benefits of many foods. Pomegranate is one such. It is nothing less than a wonder fruit, having been used for more than 1000 years for medicinal purposes. It is not only a rich source of vitamins A, C, and E but also is known for its antioxidant, anti-viral, and anti-tumor properties. It has some fantastic health benefits, which range from treating erectile dysfunction to preventing breast cancer.

Here are some of them you must know:

1 Help prevent Erectile Dysfunction: A glass of pomegranate juice can help combat erectile dysfunction, and that’s precisely what research states. It’s a rich source of antioxidants more than wine and tea. A 2007 study has shown that this juice had effectively helped men overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction. Of the 42 men who took part in the survey, 25 of them reported better sexual functioning after taking the juice regularly for more than a month. Similarly, a study in 2011 showed that pomegranate juice helps improve blood flow, including blood flow to the heart and penis, thereby reducing the chances of erectile dysfunction. It also leads to longer erections, thus making your sex life, all the better.

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2 Reduces the risk of Breast Cancer: Breast cancer is a widespread form of cancer affecting women. But the good news is that as per research, eating the fruit or drinking pomegranate juice can help prevent breast cancer. This is because pomegranates consist of ellagitannins ( a group of phytochemicals), which are known to restrain the growth of estrogen-responsive breast cancer.

3 Lowers Stress levels: According to a new study conducted, consumption of 500ml of pomegranate juice daily can help in a significant reduction of stress levels. The survey, which was conducted with 60 volunteers over two weeks, showed a substantial decrease in the stress hormone cortisol along with a notable reduction of systolic and diastolic blood pressures in all the volunteers. So for those who find stress management a big issue, adding pomegranate to your diet would be a wise thing to do, right away.

4 Helps treat Diabetes: Pomegranate has been used for years for its medicinal properties to treat diabetes in the east and middle east. This antioxidant-rich juice helps in blood sugar management. Daily consumption of pomegranate juice may help control blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes, as per studies. This is because, in pomegranate juice, not only are the sugars attached to the unique phenolic antioxidants, making them not harmful, but they also contain compounds that help to control blood sugar.

5 Lowers risk of Heart Disease: Currently, pomegranate juice is known as the juice that is healthiest for your heart. It can help to protect arteries and the heart. This juice is also known for its blood-thinning properties, which allows the blood to flow, thereby preventing blockage and formations of clots. It also helps fight cholesterol and build-up of plaque in the arteries.

6 Helps prevent Prostate Cancer: Studies show that drinking around 250 ml of pomegranate juice every day helps reduce the risks of prostate cancer. A study conducted on 48 volunteers who had rising PSA levels, showed that after consumption of 8 ounces of the juice daily, their PSA doubling time was elongated significantly as compared to those men who didn’t take the juice at all. It specifically helped in slowing the progression of localized prostate cancer.