"Oh, it's a newly married couple, let us give them space to spend as much time together," said one of the women in the family to another. "Ya, correct, by next year, we can hear the sound of the small one," replied another woman. Many of us believe that a couple should indulge in sex only for reproductive purposes. However, Ayurveda doesn't believe in that ideology completely. As per Ayurveda, sex is not limited to reproduction but is a time-to-time celebration that can nurture us deeply.

According to Ayurveda, balanced and healthy sex lives improve emotional intimacy and mutual understanding between the partners. Here are the 5 golden sex rules suggested by Ayurveda that can make you sex life more satisfying and passionate:

  1. Avoid sex during women's periods: During menstruation, women's vaginal bleeding makes them weak and tired to indulge in sex. Also, sex becomes more passionate only when both the partners are at a healthy physical and mental state. So, avoid having sexual intercourse when the female partner is having her periods, says Ayurveda. As per a study, sex during periods may lead to various health conditions as well for men and women at a later stage in life.
  2. Ideal sex position: According to Ayurveda, the perfect sex position would be with the man on top and the woman lying on the bed with her face in the upward position. This position will satisfy the desires of both the partners and make their sexual intimacy more exciting.
  3. Have sex with a committed partner: Ayurveda considers loyalty and trust as the prime factors for long-term and strong relationships, whereas adultery, infidelity, and cheating on the partner are considered to be a crime. It recommends having sex only with committed and loyal partners.
  4. Avoid sex during pregnancy or immediately after delivery: It is suggested in Ayurveda that a couple should practice abstinence during pregnancy or shortly after delivery. Atleast a period of 3 months for C-section cases and 5-months time for normal delivery cases will help the woman recover well, and thus, having control over sexual urges is required.
  5. Ideal time for having sex: The perfect time for having sex during monsoon and summer is once in 15 days, once in three days during spring and summer, and once every day during winter. This is considering every season affects the couple's body and mental strength.

Thus, following the above guidelines can help you to prolong sexual pleasure and nourish a healthy relationship with your partner.