You must be already wondering now if watching porn induces erectile dysfunction (ED)! This is one of the most controversial topics discussed in the study of ED. Many believe it just to be a theory for blaming sexual problems in men.

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Erectile Dysfunction is a complex issue faced by a large number of men belonging to different age groups. Across the globe, men are suffering because of ED, and the modern lifestyle is just adding on to the issue. When you are bound to handle several everyday responsibilities that keep you busy, the time to be absorbed into the moment is really less. Pornography does not just ignite one’s personal desire, but you may find it as a quick solution to get started.

Is porn the culprit?

There are very few studies available on the positive or negative impact of pornography on men. One of these researches conducted to discover a connection between ED and porn indicates that seeing porn can desensitize the sexual response of men. It can happen because of the “hardcore” porn that men watch and start desiring for it from their partners. Another study adds to this research claiming that pornography may trigger performance anxiety during sex and may decrease your sexual satisfaction.

A few more studies on the subject have found a very weak connection between the usage of pornography and ED. Men engaged in “moderate” use of pornography on the internet may show a more excellent sign of ED as compared to individuals involved “highly” or who keep it “low.” Some researchers of the study argue that pornography doesn’t play any role in the ED.

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One of the studies even claims to have found a positive impact of pornography that ignites a greater sexual response. It suggests--pornography can help advance the brain and body towards greater sex desire and experience, potentially it can improve the intercourse.

Pornography addiction and its impact is a very less discussed topic in scientific research. It neither has any binding facts to support the positive effects of pornography, nor it offers enough evidence to establish a strong link with ED. Biased studies and individuals are suggesting their belief about pornography. They dislike, call it wrong or feel guilty for using pornography.

Pornography is helping some to fire-up their ignition while others are totally against it, but studies have found numerous other factors responsible behind ED.

Find why you have signs of ED!

If ED is intervening with your mental peace and causing trouble in relationship with your partner, you must consult your doctor rather than end-up blaming pornography. Psychological factors, mental stress, physical ailment, or other health conditions can be primarily blamed for it, and it is always good to get diagnosed before landing on to a conclusion.

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Often one might lose consistency in erection due to stress or anxiety, but this might not be called ED. If the symptoms persist and you are unable to get an erection on most of the occasions, you might have ED. But, not to worry! There are medicines and natural remedies available to charge up your fire.

Remember, it is essential to consult a doctor or a licensed expert on the subject if ED is troubling you, and you need help to deal with it.