Specifically looking at India, it has a male population that is at higher risk of contracting coronary heart diseases than in other parts of the world. Coronary issues and Erectile Dysfunction may reasonably share common causation, attributing cases of ED due to heart issues in India, more common than probably anywhere else in the world.

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While acute cases of Erectile Dysfunction most definitely require medical treatment, you will be happy to know that mild cases can be treated naturally through specific foods that help support robust male sexual health. Now, onward to the foods:

  • Cool cocoa: Chocolate is present with compounds called flavonoids that ensure wholesome cardiovascular health. Not to mention the release of dopamine that chocolatey substances release in the brain, boosting the desire to indulge in sex. Note that dark chocolate is the type with higher amounts of flavonoids and milk chocolate has comparatively higher contents of fat and sugar. You know which one to pick.
  • Pesky pistachios: Evidence of pistachios being beneficial in the alleviation of ED has been published in the International Journal of Impotence Research. Consuming this popular nut has improved the Erectile Function scores of the participants involved in a related study. Apart from all this, they reduce cholesterol levels and blood pressure, bearing no known side effects yet.
  • Coffee: You heard it right. Although some Misters may already be addicted to caffeine without awareness of its benefits for your genitals, it is actually best if you continue a measured intake. A well known muscle relaxant and metabolism booster, coffee also promotes uninterrupted blood circulation, relaxes your blood vessels and allows more blood flow to the penis for stronger erections.
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Moreover, the Massachusetts Male Ageing Study discovered that a man’s diet really does have an impact on their susceptibility to experiencing ED. It was also found that incorporating green leafy veggies, occasional fish intake, plenty of fruit and whole grains in one’s diet made them less likely to fall prey to this condition. Refraining from eating red meat, and processed foods was also suggested.

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It would be amateur to assume that only eating these foods can put you in the pink of health. I hope you know that. For best results, try supplementing these dietary alterations with regular exercise, meditation and the avoidance of cigarette and alcohol consumption. Feel free to go through the blog section for a series of blogs offering advice on the best foods to consume when faced with sexual dysfunctions.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP