Flaccid or erect, your penis is yours, Mister and taking care of it is your responsibility. Even though you know your man best, tips to keep him healthy and far away from conditions like Erectile Dysfunction are always available. Without further ado, 10 penis friendly foods curated for this blog may come in handy. Penis issues such as weak erections, premature ejaculation and other often painful conditions exist on a wide spectrum.

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While some male genital issues need medical treatment, without exception, mild conditions and patterns can always be corrected by adopting natural measures such as incorporating certain foods in your every day diet. So here goes…

  • Beetroot: This maroon power food is extremely rich in nitrates that help the blood vessels relax and increase blood flow to the penis.
  • Apple: This basic, every day fruit contains an active compound called ursolic acid known to ward off prostate cancer cells. Mind you, these properties are found in the apple peel so be sure to eat them with their skin on, make dried apple chips or brew apple peel tea.
  • Avocado: Popular information suggests that Aztecs named this tree, the testicle tree. They clearly had some information we didn’t. Avocados possess a high number of Zinc and Vitamin E. These essential vitamins and minerals are known to have a positive impact on male libido and fertility.
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  • Red hot chillies: This is not to say that all spicy foods have the ability to increase testosterone levels. However, the desire to indulge in sex can be influenced by capsaicin, a chemical that manages release of endorphins, getting the body when you decide to get naughty.
  • Cashews: The functionality of this nut involves blocking the enzyme that converts testosterone into oestrogen. Its low fat content is also a brilliant source of pepper.
  • Chocolate: Considered the quintessential sexy food, it elevates dopamine levels in the brain. Plus, who doesn’t like using chocolate creatively during foreplay? Find the exception to this rule, I’ll wait.
  • Carrots: Carotenoids give this vegetable its orange-ish hue, but did you know that they can exponentially improve sperm motility and count as well?
  • Oatmeal: ‘O’ for oatmeal and ‘O’ for orgasm. It’s not just a happy coincidence. A popular aphrodisiac, this food helps one achieve the blissful state of orgasm. Not just this, it is also employed in Erectile Dysfunction treatment.
  • Figs: This squishy edible is jam packed with nutrients like iron, magnesium, potassium and fiber- all supporting and promoting great male sexual health.
  • Saffron: Popularly known as Kesar, it is considered one of the most well known aphrodisiacs. Saffron can make one’s body comparatively more sensitive to touch, heightening the senses before and during sex. To get all information pertaining to this Ayurvedic ingredient, go ahead and click here.
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Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP