To bring the 'game' to the bedroom is of high priority to men. Unfortunately, the mind plays a lot of games with us which makes us falter with our bedroom performance. The term ‘psychological impotence' could be relatively new to some, although, it has been an on-going struggle with a lot of men.

Psychological impotence is a condition that causes a man to struggle to maintain an erection. There are mainly two factors that can affect erection, psychological and physical factors. Psychological factors such as stress, depression, relationship issues and anxiety, contribute to psychological impotence.

If you don’t experience any of these psychological factors, there is a chance that it can hit you at random as well. Say you consider yourself a fit individual, who goes through a lot of stress or anxiety because of work or elsewhere (safe sex is essential, keep a glove on!), you will be mentally focused on the troubles of the world, so an erection may not be your brains number one priority. Depression works similarly with the body too; it's better to seek out help with a therapist to get your mind a bit clear - the clearer the mind the better the performance in bed!

Diabetes, heart disease or obesity - basically an unhealthy physical lifestyle - may be affecting your 'wood.’ Getting in shape and eating well will help sort that out! If you're having trouble not getting an erection or not being able to maintain an erection, and consider yourself a healthy individual, you may have psychological impotence.

Now, although the term may be intimidating, it's definitely treatable. Psychological impotence affects not just you but your partner as well. It's better to have an open conversation about what you may be insecure about and vice versa. The more open and accepting the conversation, the easier it is to overcome.

Expectations coming from the world of sexually explicit may have led men to believe that ‘that’ is how sex should be’. Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but it's not what it always cuts out to be. Quick fact - did you know that some adult films take two days to film a 40-minute video? What exactly are you competing with - the cameraman? Don't be fooled by the long-lasting alpha males or their ‘alpha’ parts - there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes that you are not aware of. If you’re thinking about this and think that, that’s how it should be - you would be causing yourself unnecessary anxiety.

A reminder guys, the clearer the mind the better the performance in bed. To sum it up, men all over the world will - at one point in their life - experience some sort of psychological impotence, but it's of no worry as it can be treated. Having an open conversation with your partner to get over insecurities with one another, understanding that adult films set the bar unrealistically high and speaking to a therapist/physician to get a better understanding of your issue is your fighting PE starter pack.