There's always that daunting thought that lingers around a man's head, yes, you know the one, balding or going bald? It's a growing insecurity or fear that men have, to lose hair either at an early age or somewhere down the line. Male pattern baldness (MPB) or androgenetic alopecia (AGA) is a widespread disorder experienced by almost two-thirds of the world's male population.

Stats have shown that 20 per cent teens and 50 per cent adults in their late 40s have experienced MPB - so you’re not alone. Let’s try to understand what exactly happens with male pattern baldness. Every strand of hair grows from a hair follicle that has a lifeline. Once that lifeline has crossed its limit, the hair will not sprout from those follicles and then boom, you've got yourself a bald spot.

MPB usually occurs at the temples or the crown of the head - sometimes, at the back of the head as well. There are instances where males are left with a few patches of hair here and there, while there are other instances where the hair recedes overtime to almost nothing. Unfortunately, there isn't a cure for this Alice-falling-down-the-rabbit-hole issue.

However, there's still hope because there are treatments that help prevent it - prevention is better than a cure. If you head to a dermatologist, there are a variety of drugs or ointments ranging from reducing hair loss around the scalp to gels or creams that can be applied directly to the scalp. Some treatments can aid in initiating new hair growth (for some individuals), as well.

Hair transplant is another option and in recent days have been sought out by many. It is a painless procedure that has had positive testimonials from individuals that have tried it. Side effects such as scarring or rashes may come with any of the treatments, so being cautious and attentive during your treatment is vital.

Consult a doctor; they can help you by giving you something to counter the side effects or change your medications. Keep in mind that some pills given during treatment can affect your kidneys and liver, as well as other organs, in other words, your body might say “NOPE.” You may re-consider 'treating' your bald and appreciating it a little more, and that’s okay.

Hey, and if you're okay with looking clean, then this article should slide straight past that shiny head of yours, in a smooth fashion of course.