Ah sex, the act that humans are meant to naturally carry out, what a beautiful feeling it gives us! It brings satisfaction to not just your mental state but your physical state as well. Humans build up a sex drive when they reach adolescence, some more than others, others less than some. Sex drive is just the desire a person has to have sexual intercourse - quite publicly comprehended. Testosterone seems to be the main thing here - it’s almost single-handedly responsible for giving males a healthy sex drive. So the lesser the testosterone, the lesser the sex drive and vice-versa.

Now the real question here is, how much testosterone should you really have OR are you crazy if you have a higher sex drive than your partner? Having a high sex drive could be a normal thing for some, but for others, it may need some tweaking. High sex drives vary from person to person, you know, because of fluctuating testosterone levels and all. Your high sex drive could lead you to pursuing sexual pleasures in many ways, some that could be harmful.

Spending money on sex workers, sexually explicit films, or obsessing over sex to the point of physical exhaustion, are just some of the points we're stressing on. It affects your financial lane as well as your physical and mental lanes. This could be a problem, fellas. Not a disease, just a problem. But hey let's say both partners have a high sex drive and it does not affect either of their personal lives or physical lives negatively. Then? then go on, be free and do your thing.

Although, if you're seeking some counseling or treatment because you have your doubts or worries with your sexual drive, you've hit the jackpot with this simple article. Head to a doctor if you might be experiencing a higher sex drive than normal, if you think it is affecting you negatively. Your doctor will most likely take a sample of your blood to check hormonal levels. Based on the report, they could prescribe some medications or suggest therapy.

Oh come on, face it. It's just talking to another person - professional, mind you - about your crown jewels, no harm no foul. A therapist might be able to rule out any mental stress that could be affecting your sexual desires.

If you're weary with doctors and therapists or are not ready yet, exercise and diet can be a good option. Burn the extra sexual energy you have stored up, and you'll catch yourself making love to your pillow all night rather than your partner. Adding walnuts, watermelon and bananas are some of the foods that can help your blood flow smoothly to your private areas. These foods have compounds and nutrients that boost the brain in ways to improve your lil' Johnson.

It is never too late to start working on your physical and mental health as it can definitely control your sex drive and balance your sex life as a whole.