High blood pressure and sex don't go well together – almost like stepping on a carefully built Lego structure - not a fun experience. Sex deals with a lot of blood flow to the sexual organs, basic biology here. A person with a healthy heart and a good physique would normally not face any troubles in the bedroom. Although, when high blood pressure comes into play, it's a different ball game.

High blood pressure limits the blood flow due to it damaging the lining of your blood vessels. This, unfortunately, will reduce blood flow to your 'private parts' and might make your sexual experience a challenging one. For males with high blood pressure, the limiting of blood flow results in weakening the penile muscles. In other words, men might not be able to maintain an erection for too long or may experience some sort of erectile dysfunction (ED). Let's face it; it's not an experience one would like to go through.

Women don't really need to focus on erections as much but definitely go through some difficult and awkward sexual experiences too. High BP tends to reduce sexual desire and increase dryness of the vagina, so, coming to orgasm would be difficult as well. Both men and women can go through mental issues which could affect their relationships. A quick trip to the doctor could help both partners, and professionals are the ones that couples should seek advice from. Keep in mind that it would be easier if the conversation between you and your doctor is an open one. Letting the doctor know the different medications you take - from your BP tablets to a tablet that could treat a cold helps him/her get a clear understanding of the root cause of your problem and then be able to prescribe the right medications.

Sometimes the medicines provided to treat high BP could be the reason for your complications in the bedroom. In that case, doctors would either prescribe alternative medications to treat your high BP and not let it interfere with your sexual experience or prescribe medication to help with your sexual issues. If medications are not on your radar - although treating high BP is important and we suggest you do consult a doctor for it - a change in lifestyle habits could be something you could look into.

Diet improvement is part of most high blood pressure treatments. Watch that diet! Salt is your enemy here so limit that consumption at all costs. If you're a smoker, reducing that would be great and going cold turkey would be the best possible choice. Working out to lose that extra weight you might have put on after all those pizzas might do you some good. Oh, and we all know beer tastes excellent with pizza but try to avoid alcohol too as that tends to thin the lining of blood.

All in all, if you've got high BP and it's affecting your sex life negatively, it's best to keep a healthy diet. But if changes aren't noticeable, consulting that doctor isn't going to do you harm.