You might all remember your exes, but it’s tough to keep track of all the sexual experiences you have had in life. Only a few encounters make it to the diary to become memorable sexual experiences. From just a simple make-out to first-time sex or a casual one-night stand, these memories can differ from person to person. Here we bring for you revelations from a few women about the nights (or day) that made their toes curl. These might also help you, dear men, to get a fair idea about how women perceive sex and how you could be a part of that memorable experience.

My sex marathon – ‘A few years back, I took an impromptu trip with my best friend to the hills. We covered most of the sightseeing in 2 days and had one more day to relax on our vacation. The sexual tension had already built up between the two of us, and we decided to let our desires take over. We had sex seven times in 24 hours, and each time was better than the other. That by far remains one of the most memorable moments in bed’, shares Nikki.

Drunk sex – ‘I usually crash after a few drinks, so I could never understand how people can have sex after a few drinks. This one night, my boyfriend and I got super drunk. The uninhibited us, felt like rabbits when we started the preliminaries. There were so many new things we tried during foreplay. However, when it came to intercourse, I experienced some discomfort, and even though my boyfriend was drunk, he realized it. He calmed me down, and we just cuddled and slept. Even though there was no orgasm, this remains my favorite sexual experience to date’, says Pavitra.

Surprise sex in the woods – ‘We both love trekking, and we often do it in a group. We reached the venue a bit late, and our friends had already begun the trek. We had walked barely for half an hour when my partner grabbed me by my waist and kissed me. Before we knew, we were grinding against each other in the open. We tried the standing position that day against a tree. He even went down on me after a quickie and gave me an earth-shattering orgasm’, shares Veena.

First date sex – ‘We chatted for weeks before we met, which involved some sexting too. We decided to meet at a café and then decide on the next course. He was not as attractive in person, but his fine lines and conversations were stimulating enough. I invited him over to my place after coffee. As we entered home, I expected him to take me over, but he instead continued the conversation and asked me more about my interests. Before making his first move, he asked, and how could I refuse. It was a slow start, and we managed to keep the pace normal to enjoy our moments together. It was a plain missionary, but the way he looked into my eyes and appreciated my body is what made that evening the most memorable for me’, says Neetu.