The scrotum is another vital biological element of the male human body that is part of the reproductive structure. It contains the testicles which produce the primary male hormone testosterone. Like every other part of the human body, scrotum also has an assigned function to perform.

What scrotum does?

It is responsible to keep the temperature of your testes balanced so that your testes are at comfort while supplying testosterone to your body. It continuously functions to manage the temperature.

How does it work?

It's physically aligned with the smooth muscles of your penis which contracts and relaxes to bring your testicle close to the body. It does so to keep them warm when it's cold. In warmer temperatures, it relaxes the muscles to drop it away for cooling off, again to manage the temperature.

How age affects the process of scrotum?

As the human body age, the muscles gradually stop working. It loses flexibility with the apparent decline in body elasticity. It is a natural phenomenon which leads to the slackened scrotum. The more you age, the saggier it becomes.

After 40, men are troubled with hydrocele problem that makes the condition worse. It is painless, but it loosens your scrotum more because of the fluids that build around one or both the testicle. This is an indication that your body is making too much liquid which it is unable to drain perhaps.

In case you notice any swelling or discomfort, you must see a doctor however otherwise, know that your scrotum is naturally inclined to sag more as you grow older. If its condition is creating an issue for you in your daily functions like body movement, sex, or simply how it looks, how lower it is hanging, etc. doctors can diagnose the condition and recommend a treatment to get rid of troubles related to your scrotum.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP