Most Hollywood movies often portray men having the “predictable pain in the chest” or a “cardiac arrest” as soon as they get into bed with their dream woman. On the contrary, the reality is quite different from the fictional movie world.

Sexual activity might be the reason some people (men, specifically) die, but it is not one of the most common reasons for heart attacks.  Having sex and dying thereafter is not common. In fact, as per a study conducted by Harvard Medical School researchers (this might have been conducted in 1996, but it still holds true), sexual activity is the main cause of a cardiac arrest in 1 percent of the total world population.

The idea of having a cardiac arrest during sex can’t be negated altogether.

While younger men might not fall prey to this ailment that easily, people who have crossed the 50-year age threshold might be more prone to having an attack during their pleasurable moments. Does this mean you should start refraining from having sex, as soon as you enter your twilight age zone? Not exactly; changing your diet and reducing the physical strain to your heart can work wonders for your body.

Touching the dreaded age limit

So, the question is, should you have sex regularly, once you reach a certain age limit, or refraining from it is the best thing to do? There are some pertinent questions you need to ask yourself, especially if you are regularly enjoying the company of the opposite sex (terms and conditions apply <wink>).

1)     Is your heart getting enough exercise?

2)     Are you managing your diet, so that your blood sugar and cholesterol are well taken care of?

3)     Are you overdoing your physical exercises, thereby straining your heart more than required?

If these questions creased your worry lines, chances are you might be gearing up for a little too much excitement. As soon as you touch 50, you must do minimal levels of exercise, which should be coupled with a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables. This way, you won’t end up surprising your heart with a lot of excitement during sex.

Surprises might be good when you are younger, but the heart begins to wear out eventually, and as you get older, trying new positions in bed or having too many adrenaline rushes can work in the opposite manner for you, thereby increasing the chances of a heart attack. Heart attacks are sneaky; they can come in at the most awkward of times, and often catch you unaware, especially if you are in bed, enjoying a romantic moment with your partner.


The heart is undoubtedly one of the strongest and vital organs within the human body. It needs to be worked daily, in order to keep it healthy and functioning well during your lifetime. Given our sedentary lifestyles, it often becomes difficult to exercise as often as one should, which puts it under more strain than usual. While sex counts as exercise, too much of it can put you in the coffin, way sooner than you would like.