As someone correctly said ‘ men and women are different species and communication between them is still in its infancy’! So sometimes it happens what a man thinks a woman wants and what she actually wants is very different. It’s not easy to understand women, especially when it comes to what’s going on in their minds. Also, it is highly unlikely that your partner would be openly communicating about the things that she doesn’t like about you. Sometimes because it’s rude and sometimes because she just doesn’t want to. So if there is a lady whom you are crazy for and would want to impress or someone whom you would want to hold on to for the rest of your life, here are 5 things to stay clear off:

1 Money bragger: It's good to be with a man who is secured but definitely not with a man who keeps bragging about how much he earns. When asked, most women said, they would rather be someone who is passionate about his work and manage his finances well then with Mr. Richie Rich who can’t get enough of talking about his money, assets, and property. So definitely a down to earth honest guy is preferred to a head in air rich one!

2 Too much into physical appearance: Hitting the gym is a wonderful way of staying fit. But if you are visiting the gym and sweating it out there to impress your lady, you might as well as take a break! Most women are not crazy about your six-pack abs and flowing curly hair! Rather, if you are someone who is over conscious about your own physique and looks then it might be detrimental for your relationship for it might make your partner more conscious about her own looks or body time and again. So instead of solely your looks, what makes a woman get attracted to you is your personality, which includes how you carry yourself or treat her.

3 Bothered about the size of their manhood: Even if you are bothered about the size of your little man down there, most women are not.  The size of your penis has nothing to do with enjoying some good time in between the sheets. If your penis is small and it bothers you, be assured it doesn’t or will not bother your lady. Rather, on the contrary, some women are apprehensive about too big a size, assuming it might hurt during intercourse.  So during those intimate moments, as long as you can handle her gently and passionately, size should hardly matter. A fun-loving guy who knows how to keep the spirits and passion, both high in bed, is someone most women would prefer to be with, than someone who is too bothered about his size down there!

4 Emotionally static: So let me be honest. Women prefer men who can express emotions more than just anger or happiness. Women find men sexy if they can express themselves well emotionally. It’s perfectly okay if you share your worries, your sentiments and your grief with her. Like a man feels the need to protect, a woman feels the need to nurture. The more you can open up with her with respect to your feelings, the stronger your relationship is going to be.

5 Superficial attitude: Your woman would love to be praised by you, but not every day or every time she changes or gets ready to leave the room! Women cherish genuine men. So keep your appreciation only for special moments. Also, it’s worthwhile to keep in mind, appreciating someone for their achievements is more gratifying than just the way they look or dress! So you need to cherish her more for the woman she is or what she means to you than how pretty or hot she is.