Nothing can beat it when it comes to a great sex life and anything that is great we would want it to go on and on. But with time since so many things changes, it becomes inevitable that some changes would enter our sex lives as well. So should the fire burn out? Should you start feeling less interested in sex and spend lesser time in between the sheets? No, not at all.

Here are 5 things that you can do to beat the age and keep the sex fire burning all along!

1 Find time for sex: You really need to find time for sex, even with day to day chores which at times can be pretty stressful as well. You might be having kids, responsibilities, job demands, but you can’t afford to leave sex out from your life or planning. If the schedule is too tight, you can always plan a small sex date ahead and make it interesting by building up the mood slowly from before.

2 Communicate: With time everything changes and so does your body. Maybe you won’t be able to enjoy the same positions as before and neither the same touches will do the magic for you. Same may stand for your partner as well. Therefore the key to enjoying sex throughout your life is to be open about the changes that you feel. It not only helps your partner to understand you better but also helps you both live a healthy sex life.

3 Never Criticise: Stop criticizing, be it yourself or her. It’s not your fault if you are finding it difficult to maintain an erection and neither it is hers if she doesn’t want sexual intercourse that often. There is no reason to suffer from low self-esteem, guilt or shame. Sexual dysfunction is a very common problem and can happen to anyone at any stage. Also with so many informative forums and medications around, no problem should be big enough that it creeps out of the sheet to affect your personal life. Also, don’t compare your sex life to others or even what you see on the television and in movies. Just like every couple is different, what ignites the fire in bed, is also different for each and every couple.

4 Make things interesting: With time the advantage is, you get to know each other better, including likes and dislikes. So you can always go out of the way to make things more interesting for your partner. Like, try new positions that you think are going to make things more comfortable or arousing for both of you. Like for women suffering from menopause, any position that stimulates the G.Spot not only gives her an orgasm but also helps to make sex less hurting and more enjoyable for her.

5 Put life back into sex: As they say ‘age is only a number’, let this be applied to your sex life as well. Trust me, the fire will never extinguish as long as you wouldn’t want it to. Adding that life back into your sex can rekindle the spark. Be sensual, be adventurous. Try different touches that can arouse your partner. Light those scented candles and try a warm bubble bath together with a nice massage. Sex therapists also agree that nothing can work better than sensual touches, caresses and a pearl of good laughter.