"Oh, cmon, you can't be thinking of sleeping with Jason?!"


"Oh my God! You already did, didn't you?"


It's the cornerstone of most romantic comedies that Hollywood churns out. The scene (or scenes) in which well-meaning friends are advising the protagonist to not go back to her ex. And the genders can be reversed. Jason, obviously a placeholder name, has well-meaning friends to. The advice often deploys clumsy analogies to make the point and the exasperation of the well-meaning friends clearly establishes the self-evident nature of the implicit truth, 'having sex with your ex means you will not be able to move on!'

It turns out that some, or all, of the hand-wringing may be uncalled for. According to research published in the Archives Of Sexual Behaviour, and reported here, it may not be all that bad to have sex with your ex. Not for moving on, and given that one still wants it then the sex must be pretty good anyway!

Far be it from me to advise you, but thought I will share this lesser heard point in case you are contemplating...

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