What if I said there’s still hope and statistics are on your side? More than 65% of women find it challenging to achieve orgasm through vaginal stimulation. Clitoral stimulation is preferred by them. So men, before you worry about your size, please don’t be reluctant to go downtown and please your woman with your tongue and fingers.

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Penetrative sex is on the table too and enjoyed by several women. This definitively calls your penis to action. Sex isn’t just about achieving your orgasm and leaving your woman or partner hanging because where’s the fun in that? Here is a curated list of satisfying positions for both partners during sex that will make both of you come back for more.

Try it with one leg raised: This is a stellar position to maximize the contact of the penis with the vagina, also giving both persons involved, an easy passage to the clitoris that will definitely increase pleasure.

The legendary Doggy-style: This position permits greater penetration of the vagina, providing enjoyment to both partners. To each their own, but truth be told, it is very sexy indeed, suited for anal sex as well!

PS: For best results the partner being penetrated should attempt to place their head and chest onto the bed with an arched back.

Pile Driver: This power move is performed with the one being penetrated on their back, with their legs close to their own chest. The one penetrating should squat and make their way in from there. This arguably allows for maximum penetration. Make sure to try this on a soft rug, bed or couch to ensure the safety of your partner. Friction burns are real.

Cowgirl: This is an exciting position for women to exert control over their own orgasm. The girl is on top, guiding how much the penis penetrates her, taking charge of the motion. Studies show that some men may be anxious about their penis being hurt due to sudden, vigorous movements. It may be a good idea for the women to alternate between pumping up and down and grind over the penis to switch it up a bit and minimize their partner’s stress.

Also a side note, Reverse Cowgirl, a position that’s now self explanatory is also great for adding a little bit of spice and sexual bliss to your relationship. Feel free to look it up!

Size doesn’t really matter as statistics have shown that most men are just within an inch of one another. Use your penis well and you have nothing to worry about, really. Sex should be enjoyable and not full of apprehension. Take what you’ve learned from up here and go ‘em tigers!

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