The imposed lock down in recent times has left people feeling scared and bested by their paranoia. It is easy to lose your cool and get annoyed with the tiniest of things when you find yourself constantly confined within the four walls of your room.The Coronavirus outbreak has had multiple effects on couples living together and on those trying to survive long-distance relationships. Here is a short guide on how to maintain your relationship with your partner amidst stressful times.

Attention, space and communication:

Those faced by lock down induced long-distance relationships may think that having your partner around and quarantining with them is a sure blessing. Although, this may not always be true. Many couples literally want to pull each others’ hair out! The key to this is a fine balance. These are uncertain times and if your partner needs excessive attention or space of their own sometimes, the other must be mindful of this and vice-versa. Do the things you need and love but also carve just an hour or two in the day, when it's just you and your significant other against the world. Make the most of it.

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Common loss of sex-drive:

Another misconception is undergoing lock down together means that one can have sex boundlessly and that’s always a marvellous thing. The pandemic has caused real fears like the loss of one’s employment, the accessibility of supplies and plunged us into a new ‘normal’- all over a very short span of time. It's natural to worry and stress, which is one of the most common factors contributing to the loss of libido.


Let’s face it, couples are bound to fight during lock down, no matter the steps they have taken in the right direction. Here, knowing when to criticize and walk away from a fight before it escalates its essential. If you think you can somehow stop the argument before it turns into a forest fire, do it.

Long-distance partners:

Since, communication is the only thing left for long-distance lovers, why not focus on that? Tell one another how you feel and try not to hide feelings. If you miss them, tell them, if something’s troubling you, tell them.

Keep in mind that talking and texting over the phone can also lead to grave miscommunication. So do your absolute best, not to be suspicious about your partner and gradually learn to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Sexting and having sex over video call is also a great way to recover the physical intimacy you don’t have. Use a data protected, safe, privacy platform of course!

Long distance relationships are characterized by pining for your loved one and longing to be back in their arms. It is refreshing to receive a handwritten letter, sent by post on a warm spring morning… Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself. But thoughtful gestures when your loved one is afar is a tangible way through which you can let them know they’ve been on your mind.

So to all you lovers out there, hang in there and sit tight- for it will be better soon. Hope this helps!

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