Dreams always surprise you, don’t they? A sexy, hot, and sometimes very sensual experience which you wake up with. Guys fantasize throughout the day and even while at sleep. You might not have a real fantasy about someone yet, you might dream about them. They can be shocking to you as you might dream of someone who you don’t even think about. Like making out with your neighbour next door or experiencing BDSM when you do not prefer or have not tried it ever. All such dreams would tend to make you question yourself regarding what exactly you want in bed!

Sexy science of sexy dreams

Your brain handles your most potent emotions, even during sleep. Your sleep consists of three phases: light sleep, deep sleep, and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. You experience dreams during REM sleep. Your brain limbic system is responsible for processing emotions, and when it is overused, it might mix them up. The system blends different scenarios and thoughts, even those which you don’t imagine while awake. Some dreams, combined with various scenes, can become steamy and make you horny.

The types of dreams you can experience

Dreams could be way too bizarre, hot, or sexy. They hold power to fill you up with sexual pleasures when you can’t even sense much as you are at sleep while dreaming. There are infinite themes one may dream about, but they are all primarily categorized into just three sections.

Category 1: Factual dreams

These are the dreams which you would have already done in real or imagine to do it when awake. It could be your fantasies with your partner or your regular sex position. It could also be a familiar place like your bedroom, bathroom, etc. where you have already been to. You may even recognize the place and person both.

Category 2: Disguised dreams

Ever woke up feeling hornier? The feeling where you might have dreamt something steamy, and you feel like pinning down your partner or someone and releasing your juices? Such dreams do not portray any scene or theme, but they do enhance your sexual arousal.

A typical example of having such dreams could make you writhe in a tangle of foliage, invoking your sexual desires to the peak. The foliage is portrayed as a woman’s body. So, if you wake up with a strong, intense desire to have sex, it shows that you enjoy sex and your sex life makes you feel good. But, if you wake up with a feeling of panic or anxiety, then this foliage would mean that you are either feeling threatened or overwhelmed by your sexual partner.

Category 3: Absurd dreams

Such dreams take you by surprise. These dreams have themes that you could have never imagined before and would make you feel disgusted sounding ridiculous or absurd. Like a dream of having sex with your old boss or making out in a public train you travel. Such dreams are experienced when your brain mixes your thoughts with random themes. For example, you love the ambiance at the workplace as it makes you feel refreshed all the time. This good, rich feeling may meddle with your brain and link it to your boss while you are at sleep.

Sexual dreams can be thought-provoking, and the best way to calm yourself is to share them with your partner if you are in a relationship. This helps you build trust in your relationship and opens the window for both of you to be kinkier. Single men need not worry. Just fantasize and pump out your pleasure. It is just your brains doing the DJ remixes.

Misters, we have decoded your sexy dreams