Do you like going downtown? If you don’t, let us tell you that women like being explored down there. It is clear, based on studies, that penetration is not the only way to make your partner happy or give her orgasms. Women do not only get orgasms through penetrations. One of the research claims that only 30% of them can have an orgasm through just penetration. So, if not penetration—what is it? Foreplay!

Oral sex is one of the methods of foreplay you can use to drive your partner crazy during those bedroom sessions. However, not all men like to take a trip downtown. A survey concluded that only 1 in 5 men love oral sex. This study included 1500 sexually active males.

These tips will make your downtown experience fun and sensually adventurous for your partner:

Never Rush—you might end up fooling yourself

Since most men, as per the previous survey, didn’t like going down, this is for them! Before going down there, start with kissing her lips, neck, shoulder, and other body parts. Move on to fondle and caress her breast, remember touches are magical and you have to use it to your best. The point is, make her sexually so excited before you even go down to give her oral. When you have already ignited the fire in her, going down, there will fuel the fire instantly, and she will end up taking less time to get orgasm. In return, you will have to spend less time there doing what you don’t maybe like to do much.

Wet & Wild

Do it in the shower! Shower sex will make not just your experience but even your partner’s experience more adventurous. While you are giving her oral in the shower, the water running through her vagina will dilute the taste if that’s what bothers you.

A little tweak in how you do it

Subject matter experts say that constant stimulation of the clitoris is the fastest way you can make your partner if you blow your warm breath over her clitoris and lightly flick your tongue over her clit. Take your tongue up and down and then down and up, keep doing it alternatively rather than full-on licking. Remember to stimulate her clitoris constantly..

Scribble with your tongue

Learn to write ABCs with your tongue when you are giving her the oral. While doing so, notice which letter plays with her cords more. If you can’t, then ask her questions. Next time when you are doing that to her, use particularly those letters which will eventually push her on the edge of sexual pleasure and its climax.

The above tips will make giving oral an enjoyable experience for you. Note that there’s nothing gross about women’s (or even men’s) genital, and if you spend too much time playing with the rest of her body, you may not even feel like going down there because of your extreme sexual arousal. You will just want to penetrate at that moment. A study from the Netherlands suggests when you are sexually aroused so much, the “disgust reflex” goes away.

Let's talk about how to make giving oral enjoyable