Arousal is a two-way process where the mind plays an equally important role as the body. While the nerve endings of our body are largely responsible for arousal, it is our mental state that facilitates the process.

In our previous blogs, we have dealt in details on the role of clitoral stimulation for women in achieving orgasm. Along with clitoral stimulation, sexologists today have introduced a novel concept called blended orgasm for heightened sexual pleasure, which they call blended orgasm.

This term describes the combination of both internal and external stimulus and hitting several sensitive spots together to take someone over the edge. As we now know that nearly 70 per cent of women gets an orgasm through clitoral stimulation, which is considered to be the basis of blended orgasms. The bud on top of the vulva is actually only the tip of a complex erogenous system, called the clitoris. In fact, this complex organ goes far inside the vagina and pelvic floor, from where it branches off into a wishbone like structure.

Interestingly, the sex therapists today has been successful in locating some more erotically hot spots like the G-spot, the O and A-spot, the nipples and the booty. In blended orgasm, highly erotic sensation erupts from one or more of these spots along with the clitoris. Result? A stronger and prolonged climax resulting from the collective impact of multiple pleasurable sensations.

Couple looking for experimenting with sexual experiences and to boost sex drive can blend external clitoris stimulation with one or more of these spots.

Here is how -

  • G-spot - Those stating off with blended orgasm can go for this. The G-spot is the most sensitive area of erogenous zones. You can locate it by putting in one or two fingers into the vagina and moving upwards to the belly button. This spot is a textured patch right at the back of the pubic bone. A combined clitoris and G-spot stimulation can easily result in blended orgasm. Ideally, external clitoral stimulation should be followed by the G spot titillation in massaging circular or up-down motions, for best results. Today, there are sex toys tailored to incite the highly sensitive G spot.

  • O-spot - Once the G-spot has been rightly mastered, couples can explore the O spot which is the region behind the cervix, far beyond the interiors of the vagina. Women can get a sublime and extraordinarily pleasurable feeling when this spot is stimulated together with the clitoris. Given that the cervix possesses some extremely touch-sensitive nerve endings, the focal point of this game will be pressure. Misters can use a G-spot sex toy while stimulating your partner’s clit with fingers or tongue. Replace the circular movements with gentle pressure on the cervix. Also, push the toy all the way inside, but carefully.

  • A-spot - Those in long-term relations and sporty enough to delve deep can try the A spot or the ever-elusive pleasure centre. In medical terms, it is known as the anterior fornix erogenous zone. Not very inciting in name, but highly so in the game. It is placed right on the front wall of the vagina near the cervix. Go for doggy style and explore an inch or two North of the G-spot to locate it. Once you find it, you can reach around and touch the clitoris. Anal play is another way of touching the A-spot. Located symmetrically at the same point as that of the male prostate, this spot is popularly called the female prostate.

  • Booty - This is for the extremely adventurous couples in bed. Think of combining anal play with a toy along with clitoral incitement to make her experience the most volatile orgasm ever. Anal penetration endows a feeling of fullness which in turn enhances orgasms, as in this process, the sensuous nerve endings of the anus, particularly huddled at the sphincter, get excited. However, remember to take it easy! Make ample use of lube.

  • Nipples - Other than the ones mentioned above, couples who want to involve the whole body in the pleasuring process can include the female nipples. When excited, the nerve endings located here are capable of creating the same degree of arousal as that of clitoral stimulation. Hence, a combined effect of these two can lead to fireworks in bed. Start with gently teasing the nipples, with fingertips or orally. Once your partner gets suitably turned on, shift to suction, nibbles or gentle squeezes. While titillating her up top, make use of fingers, tongue or toys to keep stimulating the external clitoris.

External nerve endings are tremendously sensitive and help most women to achieve orgasm. That said stimulation of the initial two or three inches of the vagina can also create substantial arousal as this area is exceedingly sensitive. Just a fingers' length inside, principally the top of the vaginal wall, is the place you will need to focus on.

Best sex positions for blended orgasm are doggy style, lady-on-top, or anything that allows clitoral stimulation during intercourse. If you and your partner are game for explorations, opt for any of these erotic combinations. Just remember that pressure and movement work best for the vagina while vibration is the way for clitoral stimulation.

Wishing you some heady cocktails in bed!

How to give her a blended orgasm?