Indian societies are mostly male-dominated; even a little discomfort about their manhood can hit their ego badly. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) doesn’t treat Indian men differently. Men across the globe are affected by this problem. Indian men in specific are comparatively shyer because sex and sexual issues/discomforts are still a taboo here. This failure of being not able to talk about the problem is causing them mental stress, impacting their psychology, well-being, and, undoubtedly, relationships.

It is the least discussed subject among individuals. They might feel comfortable talking about their excellent sex-life with their friends, but they will never discuss the problem that relates to erection or sex at large with the same friend. They don’t talk about it in their families or with their partners. Men suffering from ED have been found to avoid sex as it makes them extremely anxious about their inability to hold an erection. They feel that their masculinity is gone and they will not be accepted, or even might become a subject of humor. They are consistently unable to get an erection or to hold it for long, which results in distances between couples.

Not just men but their sexual partners start getting demoralized too. If your sexual partner is open about giving all of her to you and you are unable to provide her with enough sexual attention because of ED, it is certainly going to hinder her psychology sooner or later. She might feel rejected, unappreciated, and frustrated. To add on, the feeling can extend to finding herself unattractive or being cheated. She might even cause physical harm to herself or end up body shaming.

The distance in couples and a total mental instability because of ED is bound to bring devastating effects on the family. Sometimes the impact is so uncontrolled that it results in failed marriages, divorces, and broken homes.

“It’s unfortunate because it’s a condition that can be easily treated,” said Dr. Anjan Das in a recently published article while discussing how ED is characterized and its impact. He is an expert in urology and has practiced it for over 23 years. He also said that if couples are willing to talk about it, the doctor can prescribe the right treatment and some lifestyle changes to get rid of this condition. To have an erection or to be able to hold it, requires both physical and emotional response. It depends on factors like blood vessels, nervous system, and others. “ED can be treated, but the treatment must address the root cause of the condition,” Dr. Das added further.

Lack of education is one of the crucial factors that discourage the discussion about sexual problems or ED. But the world is changing, today women are educated and are openly willing to discuss, understand, help, and support. If you want to solve this problem and get rid of ED symptoms, the only way out is to “discuss.” First, start with your wife, tell her that you think you should consult a doctor because of the stress ED has brought upon you. Consult a doctor and explain everything that you have been going through during your performance in bed.

Don’t risk your well-being, relationship, or family, seek help, and discuss.