In life, we usually love surprises. But not all surprises are happy ones! Yes, you would be surprised to know, although your little man down there might be performing exceptionally well, obeying all your orders on all occasions; some warning signs signal an increase in your chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction sooner or later! Since we have always heard and believed in the term ‘prevention is better than cure,’ these are the danger signs you need to look out for.

1 You are not thinking about sex, as much as you used to:

No one can think of sex all the time. But as of late, are you thinking of sex, less often than you used to? Then there are high chances that the level of testosterone in your body might be lower than it was. Low testosterone is linked to a lower sex drive and problems in sexual functioning like ED. Other symptoms of low testosterone would be low bone density, which can easily be found by doing a bone density test.

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2 You haven’t woken up hard in a while:

It’s natural for most men to wake up feeling hard. This is not at all related to arousal. This is simply associated with nocturnal erections. Since testosterone is at its highest level in the morning, it enhances the frequency of nocturnal erections. But of late, if you are waking up to a flaccid penis or fewer erections, then it might signify that the blood vessels carrying blood to your penis might not be working as well as they should be, implying future erection issues.

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3 Your blood pressure or cholesterol is high:

Having a BP higher than usual or high cholesterol also signifies damage to your blood vessels. This, in turn, will affect your blood flow to the penis. As we know, to get a proper erection, your penis needs to get sufficient blood, which, if gets affected, will, in turn, affect your ability to get an erection.

4 You started taking antidepressants or HBP medicines:

Depression itself interferes with healthy erection, and so does high blood pressure. But unfortunately, although medications for the same are helpful for your health issue, they might interfere with your erections as well. While antidepressants cause problems with brain signaling leading to a lower libido, bp medicines may lower the blood flow, leading to ED.

5 A sound sleep is not what you are getting:

Trouble sleeping can be linked to future problems of ED, especially if you are suffering from sleep apnea. This is a sleeping disorder in which your breathing repeatedly starts and stops. If you feel tired after a full night’s sleep and might be snoring, chances are high that you are suffering from sleep apnea. As per studies, 70% of men who have sleep apnea also suffer from ED.

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6 You have been diagnosed with kidney disease:

If you are suffering from kidney disease, it might affect your hormonal levels, blood circulation, overall strength, and energy levels. Since all these play a vital role in getting a healthy erection, it might affect your ability to get an erection firm enough for intercourse.

7 Your gums are not healthy:

Regular gum issues can be ignored, but if you are suffering from any severe gum disease, then it increases the chances that in the future, you might be susceptible to ED. This is because chronic inflammation that is caused by gum disease might damage the lining of your blood vessels. This can lead to impaired blood flow, leading to erectile dysfunction.

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8 There are changes in the pattern of your erection:

If you find that you are not able to get erections as hard as you used to get or sometimes you are facing issues with getting an erection in itself, it might be early signs that you are heading for ED. Although one or two odd episodes of failed erection don’t imply ED, if repeated erection problems persist over three months or more, it could be a red signal for you.

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