Stress the hydra-headed monster is plundering urban life in unprecedented ways. Fast life, work pressure, dietary imbalance, and addiction, all contribute to stress levels and exceedingly affect our mental-physical health. Sex is no exception.

Middle age crisis

A stressed mind or body will not have the desired vivacity to give or receive sexual pleasure. Problems get compounded at middle age when beleaguered with work, family and grown-up children, financial and health issues - stress reaches the optimum level. With a lack of time and unable to prioritize relationships, couples often tend to pay less attention to each other during this phase, which results in disconnect and actively disrupts sexual intimacy.

Another deterrent is the lack of tumultuous and roaring sexual responses at this age. With time, sex becomes more time and effort taking affair, and middle-aged couples need more time to be aroused and attain orgasm. This becomes an off-putter, especially for the high flying couples, neck-deep in work. Waiting for bedtime to make love exacerbates the situation as exhaustion thwarts any attempt towards intimacy.

Post midlife challenges

Post midlife comes the time for another sort of disruption. Retirement changes the set patterns of life in multiple ways. The housewife, used to her complete freedom and dominance in household affairs, finds the presence of the retired husband intruding. This can lead to conflict as well and affect sex life in turn.

The smart way is to see this in a different light. With retirement, and with kids being settled in distant cities, you can transform this period into a second honeymoon phase. Allow yourselves some luxury, do the things you love doing together, find time for more elaborate lovemaking. Also, take efforts to bring back the lost romance of the early years.

Health issues

Health disorder has severe ramifications on sex life as it results in severe stress, anxiety, and depression. The healthier counterpart feels guilty to make any sexual advances lest the partner feels troubled, or it aggravates the health condition.

Also, the long term role-plays of caregiver, coupled with constant anxiety and stress, take away sexual desire. Many living in such situations say that the rela­tionship has taken the semblance of that of a parent and child.

Good news

The good news is, most of the stress-related distress can be taken care of by taking some simple and easy steps. An extended vacation for just the two of you is the panacea that works wonder. This will give you time to communicate and connect in a renewed way and bond more intensely. This connection will also be blissful in bed as the new-found camaraderie will open new vistas of bodily explorations for pleasuring each other. This will be a journey down memory lane and will invigorate the magic that was always there but got dormant due to lifestyle issues and stress.

Once back from the vacation, take efforts to find out time for togetherness – go for elaborate dinner, movies, theatre, or poetry readings. You can also start taking a night stroll in the neighborhood together.

Love in the time of tinder is a tricky terrain. By all means, watch your steps!