Having a healthy relationship is what’s most desired, and there are a lot of things that are needed to keep up with one. From complimenting your loved one from time to time, all the way up to what goes on in the bedroom, the factors involved are a lump sum. Sex plays an exciting and some-what vital role in keeping a relationship healthy, and if there’s a lack of it in a relationship, there could be bumps along that exploration journey. Although many are comfortable just with an emotional connection to sustain their relationship- and hey to each their own. Sex, for some, can definitely play a key role in their relationship, and we’ve decided to let you guys in on some of the reasons as to why that is.

1) Stress buster: Whether it’s work giving you a hard time or your finances not adding up, stress could be caused because of various instances in your life. Having sex helps clear out toxic chemicals from the body and enhances sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone, resulting in pleasurable feelings and definitely reducing stress levels.

2) Improved health: Sex is known to reduce cardiovascular health conditions as it helps improve blood flow throughout the body due to the release of endorphins. Apart from treating the heart, it helps reduce the chances of development of osteoporosis, or prostate cancer in men. A bonus! Sex on the regular keeps you in shape as it burns a good amount of calories - and who’s opposed to that type of exercise?

3) Rekindles the sparks: Some relationships get to a point where panic ensues because they yearn to get back to the early days of their relationship, where the spark was fresh, and the honeymoon phase was front and center. Having moved to a more mature stage in a relationship - the inevitable - things should move forward and not backward. If you would like to step into the past and rekindle that spark, role-playing, and adding a bit of spice to your sex life could help ease the anxiety and enhance the excitement.

4) Explores a deeper connection: Even though sex is a physical act, emotions run deep with this natural human tendency. Intimacy, whether spontaneous or tender, is intimacy regardless, and so understanding the needs of your partner will help you focus on the primal needs of the relationship - securing a stronger bond.

These are just some of the reasons as to why sex plays a key factor in most relationships. If your relationship has no problems, then whatever you guys are doing is working, but for those that are finding it a bit of a bumpy ride, sex could help that. Sex may not be a necessity and shouldn’t be deemed a negative aspect - this is meant to be part of human sexuality, and its benefits should be understood.