Sexually transmitted diseases, commonly known as STDs are infections or conditions that could be transferred from one person to another through sexual intercourse - with one person having had the disease, to begin with, of course.

In some instances, the use of needles and sometimes even breastfeeding can lead to the transmission of the sexual disease - the flow of bodily fluids are to blame. Sure, with some STDs, there could be treatments to the noticeable symptoms, but what if there are no symptoms? What if the STD resists the treatment?

Mycoplasma Genitalium (MG), also known as Mgen, is a bacterium that lives in spots within the urinary and genital tracts and is not something you would like to get in touch with, quite literally. This not-so-little bacterium can raise havoc on men as they tend to inflame the urethra, causing painful urination in men or fluid discharge from the penis. For women, they can find themselves bleeding between menstrual cycles, going through lots of pain during sex or while urinating, sometimes even bleeding while urinating. Such symptoms are what could help doctors diagnose a person that has been infected with Mgen - but unfortunately, there are a lot of cases where symptoms are a no-show.

It took the doctors by surprise when it came to the lack of display in symptoms in infected individuals, however not doing as much for world awareness. What's crazy about Mgen is that it's much more common compared to the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhea, which gives people gonorrhea.

If you have experienced any of the above symptoms, you should head to a doctor to be on the safe side - they will immediately have you on a course of antibiotics once they confirm the diagnosis. This is not to say that you one hundred percent have Mgen, but hey, why risk it?

What was noticed, though, was that the bacterium was resisting the treatment - which makes it hard to treat and even harder to live with. Now, before coming to terms with wearing a chastity belt for the rest of your life, there is a way this can be avoided. Regular checkups with your doctor could help not just you but can help the doctor recognize any concerns early on, followed by appropriate treatment. To go a step further, men could get into the habit of putting on 'rubbers' before sex, to avoid not just Mgen, but any other sexually transmitted infections. Remember, guys, trust in the rubber, and you will not falter.