One often accredits beautiful hair to genetics or stylists. Many of us spend a massive chunk of money to get that beautiful coiffure, but our few habits are causing long term damage to our locks.

One such venial sin is sleeping with wet hair. Like your mommy, dearest said, you will catch a cold, which is not true, but you may end up putting your hair in the most compromised state. It looks like the words of wisdom hold their ground after all.

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Hair is weakest when wet and tends to generate more friction against any surface. Do not detangle hair at this stage. It won't do your hair any good. Sleeping with wet hair will also let it dry and set in that same way. You surely don't want to wake up with a twisted and wavy hairdo, do you? And while you think of an all-natural way to dry your hair during sleep, you will eventually end up putting aerosols and styling gels on frizzy tresses. That costs you more hair damage than presumed with the regular drying.

Overnight wet hair can cause a fungal infection on your scalp due to dampness on the pillow cover. The pillow cover harbours many bacteria, and in the presence of moisture and warmth from your scalp, it multiplies in no time causing skin diseases. It also causes dandruff and acne on the face and neck. Don't look surprised if you wake up with a multi-directional mane and few zits on your face. You are just having a "bad hair day". Such hair is devoid of natural oils and becomes lusterless over some time. Hair ends up with less volume and even recedes gradually.

You can avoid all of this by thoroughly drying your hair before sleeping. You may wash it in the later evening or at least towel dry it. Invest in a silk pillow cover as that reduces friction and the minute fibers do not tangle your hair. When you dry your hair, make sure it is at low heat. Sleeping with wet hair makes your immune system much weaker and makes it prone to the flu virus. Hair loss will eventually stop once you break this habit.

Wet hair is in a much fragile state with weakened internal structure. Thus a minimal resistance causes it to fall off easily. Sleeping with damp hair tied in a bun is vehemently opposed by the hair experts. The sensible and accepted way to sleep with wet hair is to go for leave-in conditioners or hair masks that could save you from potential damage. Healthy looking hair define your lifestyle and food habits. Choose the right way to make that lasting impression!

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP