Almost every other man wants to build muscles and grow them large. They start fantasizing about it since their teenage. You can’t blame them entirely because that’s how a glamorous man is portrayed in cinema and the stories. On top of it, busy lifestyle has pushed them into gyms where they easily fall into the trap of bodybuilding steroids.

Most men are not aware of what these anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) can do to the body. 95% of these steroids have testosterone as the base drug. Testosterone is popularly known as the man maker. It is naturally produced by the body and is responsible for developing as well as supplementing the masculinity and the features that differentiate men from women.

Testicles in men have two types of cells, each assigned with an important function to carry in the body.

  1. Germ Cells: It is responsible for making sperm and it is vital to keep you fertile
  2. Leydig cell: It produces testosterone to carry out the development of other manly features in you

Our body produces testosterone only as much as it requires to grow naturally. Aiding the body with an external supplement of testosterone through bodybuilding steroids causes the muscles to grow rapidly. But, as the body is already getting more than enough testosterone externally, it starts reducing the production of testosterone on its own. The desire for more muscles makes man feed their body more steroids. It eventually leads to a condition where the body stops producing testosterone naturally.

Your testicles will start sensing that they don’t have any more function in your body as it is not producing testosterone any more. This will cause your testicles to shrink. After a certain time, it may disappear. This condition is called hypogonadism or testicular atrophy.

Common side-effects of steroid

  • Less or zero sperm count
  • Low levels of natural testosterone

Besides being capable of causing your testis to shrink, steroids pose other health risks too, such as cardiovascular incidents, liver issues, etc. It can severely affect your fertility and can make you permanently infertile.


How to avoid the damage?

The best way to prevent damage is not to use steroids at all. If you fantasize about bodybuilding and want to grow your muscles, don’t fall into the trap of steroids. Train your body naturally or use only authenticated steroids that can be trusted and have been optimized for humans. Using steroids for long without proper care or support may certainly cause your balls to die. The risk is real; you and your friends might have already been taking steroids. It is easy for trainers and gym operators to influence young men. Your fascination towards bodybuilding through these steroids can be regret for a lifetime.

Medically reviewed by Rishabh Verma, RP